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The unique Corkscrew Willow's Beauty

The Corkscrew Willow tree is a unique specimen that could undoubtedly be

noteworthy in one's yard. Its twisted, and gnarled limbs provide

uniqueness and freshness, which is often lacking with run-of-the-mill

landscaping. They are best seen during fall when the leaves have fluttered

to the ground, leaving the contorted limbs' spectacle. The leaves also

put on a colorific display with their yellow splash.

The Corkscrew Willow is also appropriately called Dragon's Claw. Spring is

a beautiful time to enjoy this tree with its pale, yellow catkins providing

color and unique texture. During summer, their leaves are green and flap

nicely in the breeze revealing their white underside. The leaves have been

described as lance-shaped, which is also an exciting feature. The tree is

unusual with its leaves and limbs, which provide a remedy to ordinary


Landscaping with the Corkscrew Willow

Corkscrew Willows can reach up to 20-30 feet tall and develop a round

appearance. It has good tolerance to drought and multiplies. Corkscrew

Willows can flourish in USDA plant hardiness zones 4 through 8. They are

best planted anytime during spring or summer and should be located away

from buildings, sidewalks, and driveways due to their shallow root system.

They are well adapted to different soil types, including clay, loam, or

sand. The best conditions for the Corkscrew Willow are full sunlight and

moist soil. Mulch is recommended for this tree as it helps keep in the

moisture, which maintains ideal growing conditions.

The Corkscrew Willow has a lot to recommend to those hoping to

cultivate a visually appealing landscape. With its attractive appearance,

it provides excellent value and can be grown in a variety of places. It

proliferates and reaches a mature height, which isn't too tall. It is also

a favorite for floral design and interior decoration.

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