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Coral Red Dogwood Shrub

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Bloom Season
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Bloom Season
Fall, Summer,
Drought Tolerant Plants, Deer Resistant, Hedges And Privacy,
Drought Tolerant Plants, Deer Resistant, Hedges And Privacy,
Drought Tolerant Plants, Deer Resistant, Hedges And Privacy,
November Through April
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4, 5, 6, 7,
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Height At Maturity
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Reviews (3)

  • 5
    Very exotic and beautiful

    Posted by Cara Mayfield on Dec 22 , 2020

    I put these in my flower garden they are extremely beautiful and vibrant thank you so much

  • 5
    Coral Red Dogwood

    Posted by Cheryl Rozanski on Dec 02 , 2020

    beautify it's just the raw rooted shrub, but it's healthy.

  • 5
    Looking great

    Posted by Kala N. on Jan 06 , 2020

    Very unique shrub I can't wait until spring.

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Ships November through April



The Coral Red Dogwood shrub has vibrant red bark that is obvious even in the wintertime.

This species is native to North America except in the deep South and Midwest region. Because of its bright and colorful branches during a season where most color has been removed, it is usually used as an ornamental plant. 

 Its leaves are dark green, but white flowers blossom in the summer.

Many people enjoy planting several Coral Red Dogwood shrubs in combination with a winter garden. The stark contrast between a gray and white atmosphere with the vibrant red branches looks similar to a Cardinal in winter. 

 The Coral Red Dogwood is a very adaptable shrub that can thrive in many types of soil. Butterflies are frequently attracted to this type of shrub in the late spring when clusters of white berries ripen. The contrast between the blue-tinged berries, white petals and red twig-like branches produce lots of color for any season. 

 This type of shrub grows best with full or partial sun. The total shade is not recommended, even though it does well in multiple kinds of soil. The bark prefers an organically fertile, drained soil, but as long as it is kept evenly moist, almost any type of soil will work fine. 

 Although In hot summer climates, this type of plant can be prone to more diseases, it generally does not attract pests. It is easy to manage and is deer resistant. Pruning is not required; however, the winter stems are more vibrant with each new growth. Cutting the stems every few years will help cultivate and preserve color.

 The plant family of The bark is known as the Cornus. This shrub can grow anywhere from 6 to 9 feet tall with a spread of 8 to 12 feet wide.

 Red Dogwood Care

 If you wish to prune a Red Dogwood shrub, it is advised to remove approximately a third of the stems at ground level. By cutting out the older and weaker stems, you can make room for new, more colorful stems. 

 Once the thinning has occurred, trimming can begin. By cutting the stems, the height can be controlled as well as the vibrancy of color. Ideally, the entire shrub can be cut to 9 inches above the ground level. While this does leave a section of bare space in the landscape or garden, it will grow quickly. 

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