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Virginia Bluebell

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Virginia Bluebell



March April


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Virginia Bluebells (Mertensia virginica)

Virginia Bluebell perennials are shade-thriving native woody flowering plants found in moist, rich soils throughout the eastern part of the United States. They adorn flower gardens by adding a splash of purple, pink, and lavender color with clusters of blue-purple bell-shaped blooms. Not only do they bring beauty, but they are also easy to care for and will return each spring with beautiful blooms.

Bring the beauty and pleasure of Virginia Bluebells to your outdoor living space. Imagine the delight of watching these colorful blooms appear each spring surrounded by lush green foliage.

Bring new life to your garden with Virginia Bluebell perennials!

Make your garden stand out from the rest! Get your Virginia Bluebell perennials today! Virginia bluebells are hardy, early spring bloomers that are a site for winter-weary eyes in the earliest days of spring.

The native perennial wildflowers stem emerges from the ground on the first warm days, often when a light coating of snow still dusts the earth. Because they are early spring risers, TN Nursery suggests Virginia bluebells to any gardener looking for color earlier in the growing season.

Virginia bluebells are cold-hardy and heat-tolerant. They flourish in full shade and partially shady locations in almost every growing zone in the contiguous United States--even in hotter climates.

Where to Grow Mertensia virginica

Virginia bluebells ask for very little from the gardener. Besides a semi-shaded spot with soil that drains well, it benefits from fertilizing twice yearly and watering during extended dry spells. It's as easy for beginning gardeners to succeed with this lovely flower as seasoned pros.

Grow Virginia bluebells in these garden settings:

  • Native species garden
  • Cutting garden
  • Shade garden
  • Butterfly, hummingbird, or pollinator garden
  • Border plantings
  • Mass plantings
  • Fairy Garden
  • Along the shady banks of a creek or pond

The Country Charm of Virginia Bluebells

Great things, the adage says, come in small packages--and that's the case with Virginia bluebells. The plant is relatively small, usually staying around two feet high and wide. But despite the shorter size, the color impact is enormous in bloom.

The smooth green stem is firm and grows straight upward. The leaves are a silvery shade of green, oval and smooth in shape, and have pronounced veins. Leaves can reach eight inches, providing fantastic foliage until it goes back into dormancy in the later half of summer.

The bell-shaped flowers are profuse and showy. They stay under an inch long. Each bloom has five light blue petals that drape down from the stem, appearing to nod with the breeze.

Virginia bluebells bloom from mid-spring to early summer.

Order Your Virginia Bluebells From TN Nursery Today

TN Nursery customers love Virginia bluebells for their early-season greenery and lovely blue flowers that are among the first perennials to bloom in the spring. Order today.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Deborah Fitch
Surprise flowers

I’ve got to admit that when these plants arrived they seemed like tiny dried-up roots that would never grow, but I planted them anyway and they’re already blooming!

Thank you for the awesome review about our flowers, Deborah. We are so pleased to hear it is working just as it should and that you are enjoying it so much!

Elaine Hall
Good quality

Planted the plants and they are growing well in a pot in the garage. Can't wait until spring to plant outside.

Sharon A Flores

they haven''t come up yet so I cannot review them

Sr- Jonella Rhoda

They are in the ground, but I am not sure how they will come up. I have never dealt with them before.

Virginia Bluebells

Bare Root Bluebells arrived quickly and in great condition. I can't wait to see them bloom this spring!