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Fiddlehead Fern

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Fiddlehead Fern



March April


Mature Age
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Fiddlehead Fern Onoclea struthioptersis 

Fiddlehead Fern: Oncoclea struthioptersis, the fiddlehead fern, is a perennial North American native species that grows best in shaded or semi-shaded, acidic, and moist soil. It thrives in every United States growing zone as long as you can provide shade. 

Fiddlehead fern is a deciduous plant that can grow as high as a stately six-foot tall in a relaxed and shaded environment, although most top out around five feet. 

The roots form in dense clumps that produce other plants relatively quickly. TN Nursery recommends this species to customers who want a unique addition to a shade garden or rock garden. It is also helpful in preventing erosion when planted along a slope. 

Fiddlehead Fern's name describes its appearance 

Fiddlehead fern has feathery fronds and a long, stout rhizome. The fronds unfurl to a typical length of four to five feet and display numerous leaflets. 

Fertile fronds are pale brown and extend almost to the ground. Additionally, fertile fronds are more prominent and spread further, are a lovely shade of green, and may persist throughout winter in temperate growing zones. The contrasting leaf shape is one of the distinguishing features--the very thing that gives it such a unique name. 

The Fiddlehead fern has a small stem with a tapered tip. The lower stems twist and taper to give it a v-shape vein pattern. Most interestingly, the ends of the fronds form tight coils, suggesting the shape of a fiddle. 

The color of the fiddlehead fern is verdant green. However, they may grow protective papery skin protection as it grows--this protective layer falls off in time. Some gardeners remove it to brighten the appearance. 

Caring for Onoclea struthioptersis 

Like most fern species, the fiddlehead fern grows best in shaded spots. If you select the right home for your fern, it will require little care, except an occasional watering on the hottest or driest days. TN Nursery recommends the fiddlehead fern for gardeners who need an easy-to-care-for plant in heavy to filtered shade. 

Fiddlehead Fern is available online at TN Nursery 

The TN Nursery team is happy to provide their customers with freshly-dug plants. You can order your fiddlehead fern with confidence.

Customer Reviews

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Rodney Berry

Every thing I wanted

Delia Dunker

I gave a 4 review because I didn’t receive my order on the expected date of arrival ,so I have to contact the company after it didn’t arrive for several days.

Joe Bellanca
My TN fiddlehead fern is in the ground.

Hopefully it will sprout and enrich the rest of my awesome garden.

Thanks so much for your review Joe, we love getting feedback about our plants!

Victoria Oprisko
Fiddlehead ferns

It's been over 2 weeks since I planted them but, no sign of life yet. I will keep checking.

Dede Bull
Excited Bonus

I ordered 4 and ended up with 18, 4 of which are not in photo.
I'm excited for these guys to grow..
Shipping was quick, packed carefully and a bonus.. how can it go wrong? If half grow i got more than my moneys worth.. I did plant the little ones by each other with room to grow for support..
Thanks guys for the bonus..