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Yellow Trillium

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Yellow Trillium



March April


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Yellow Trillium luteum

Trillium luteum, also known as yellow trillium, is an herbaceous perennial wildflower that is native to the woods of North America. It's a unique and eye-catching flower with beautiful deep yellow petals that stands out in any garden.

 Add a touch of vivid beauty to your garden with the gorgeous yellow trillium! You'll impress your friends and neighbors with this rare and stunning flower when it blooms each season.

Bring some color and life to your garden today with Trillium luteum Yellow Trillium! Get your plant now and start enjoying its beauty for years to come.

 The lovely Trillium luteum, also called yellow trillium or yellow toadshade, is a native species to the United States. Originating in the southeastern Appalachian region, they bloom in the middle of spring, bringing vibrant yellow when many summer-blooming flowers are awakening for the season.

These perennial plants originally came from the wooded forests of the mountains. They love full shade and will tolerate partial shade. They also require soil that drains well and organic woody materials as a planting medium. Yellow trillium is a hardy plant. It's disease-resistant, pest-resistant, and drought-resistant. Usually, average rainfall totals provide enough moisture; however, you may need to assist with watering during a dry spell.

TN Nursery customers often order yellow trillium plants to brighten up a rock garden or natural area or as a border planting in a shade garden. It is certainly versatile enough to use almost anywhere shaded.

The Cheerful Yellow Trillium Blooms at the Perfect Time Every Spring

Yellow trillium will wake up for the winter in the earliest days of spring, begin to unfurl its stems and leaves for the season, and blossom in mid-spring. The timing is ideal--it often appears after the early flowering bulbs end, but the summer perennials have not yet awakened.

The yellow trillium stem grows from a robust root system. The deep-green single stem grows to about seven inches. Whorls of broad oval leaves emerge in a pleasant silvery green color from the stem. The mottled leaves have gold shading that adds charm and visual interest.

The trillium name comes from the gorgeous flower, which opens to display three slender and elegant petals in a beautiful lemon to a bright yellow hue.

The flowers bear cute little berries. Although the fruit is inedible to humans, your backyard critters--small animals and birds--will enjoy the feast.

Order Your Yellow Trillium (Trillium luteum) From TN Nursery Today

TN Nursery digs each plant only after you place an order. You will receive the freshest bare-root plants around. Order your yellow trillium today.

Customer Reviews

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Very pleased

Received order within a week. No shipping charges. Impressive. Even though 2 of the bare roots were small, since you sent 6 with the order instead of the 5 paid for I'm not complaining. Thank you.

Patricia Davis
Frustrated and Angry

The yellow trillium was part of a larger order #100237002 (6 each of 4 species of trillium) which I never received. The amount charged to my credit card was +$106.94.

When I spoke to your office I was told to call USPS. I don’t know how to do this and what’s more I shouldn’t be asked to do this. Where is the service in customer service .
I’m 83 years old and a tireless gardener. But if
it’s this difficult to buy plants ill have to give it up.

Please credit my account for $106.94.


Arrived promptly, and as expected- bare roots and ready to plant! Roots looked healthy, and expecting to see yellow trillium, likely next spring!

Frank Morgan
Yellow trillium

Love The yellow Small flowers. exceeded expectations!

Henry Jones

This goes well with my area landscaped with fine moss around. Am so pleased watching them surviving well.