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Hepatica nobilis 

The Hepatica plant, also known as Hepatica nobilis or liverwort, is a small perennial herb that belongs to the buttercup family (Ranunculaceae). This well-loved perennial is native to Europe, Asia, and North America, growing in woodland and rocky areas.

The Hepatica plant has a distinctive appearance, with its roundish, three-lobed leaves often mottled with reddish-purple or green. It produces white to pink, blue, and violet flowers, with six to twelve petals and numerous stamens.

The Hepatica plant has been used in traditional medicine for various ailments, including liver disorders, jaundice, coughs, and colds. However, its medicinal properties have not been scientifically proven, and it should not be used without consulting a healthcare provider.

The Hepatica plant is also valued in gardening for its early spring blooms and attractive foliage, and it is a popular choice for rock gardens and woodland landscapes.

Hepatica nobilis: Formerly Hepatica nobilis (the name we still use here at TN Nursery), Hepatica acutiloba, aka liverwort or liverleaf, is a native woodland flower from the Eastern forests of North America. 

Hepatica nobilis is an easy-growing species closely related to the buttercup. It flourishes in the partial shade of fully shaded locations and prefers to take root in rich soil, complete with organic matter. Although it can tolerate short drought spells, it loves moisture--peat moss makes an excellent companion plant to minimize your work at meeting these requirements. 

If you recreate the woodland environment for this darling species, your work will be minimal--provide occasional watering during the hottest periods of the year. 

The Graceful Woodland Charm of Hepatica nobilis 

Liverleaf is a shorter plant reaching a mature height of around twelve inches. These plants grow in attractive clumps that give them a thick, lush look. 

The stems are dark green and upright. Emerald green leaves are oval with a pronounced tip and grow in threes. They stay green from spring until autumn and turn an attractive amber or red in the fall. 

The white flowers have six or more oval petals that form a shallow cup shape. Each fresh white blossom is tiny--under an inch wide. The flowers' centers are a fresh and vibrant hue of spring green. They are a welcome sight, awakening early and brightening your day during the cold spring weather. 

Where to Plant Liverwort Plant 

Hepatica nobilis needs very little sunshine to give you a profuse, breathtaking wash of bright springtime color. 

Plant it in large clusters in shady flower beds, as an early spring border planting, or near a shady water garden. Even after the dainty flowers make their exit, once the temperatures warm up for the growing season, you will have the rich green foliage to enjoy all season long. 

Order Hepatica nobilis From TN Nursery Today. 

Hepatica nobilis will be a lovely late-winter or early-spring bloomer. Place your order with TN Nursery today.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Kimberly Terrell

When the Hepatica arrived the plant was already thriving in the plastic bag -actually blooming before I could plant it. The plant is doing well and very happy in the location I planted it. Thanks TN Nursery for your quality native plants!

Kimberly, thank you so much for this 5-star review. We really appreciate you being a customer and helping to share the word about TN Nursery. We’re here for you anytime.

Bryan Catron
Nice plants

Growing already!

We spotted your 5-star review. Wow! Thank you so much for trusting us, and we can’t wait to help you again in the future.

Just received and planted my hepatica.

Lots of new growth emerging, seems so far like a happy plant.

nora wildgen

Nice healthy root stock , prompt delivery.THANK YOU for carrying natives ! Our backyards and their critters need them . Green hearts !!!

Philip Ryser
Hepatica Plant

These are beautiful plants that once grew all over New Jersey, however lately not so much due to development. These roots arrived in top shape and were planted alongside the ones ordered last year, which have grown very well and are healthy and thriving. I recommend Tenn. Wholesale to anyone interested in wildflowers or and other product these folks offer. Top notch sellers!!