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Red Weigela

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Red Weigela



March April


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Red Weigela (Weigela florida)

Red Weigela, or Weigela florida, is a long-blooming (and reblooming) striking deciduous shrub. It is closely related to the honeysuckle. In addition to the name red weigela, some gardeners call it the old-fashioned weigela.

This lovely shrub has an elegant, somewhat drooping shape, stunning red blooms, and an easy and undemanding presence. It grows in the cooler to moderate USDA plant hardiness zones with little care or no once the roots strengthen.

This shrub does more than produce lovely red blossoms. Indeed, it reblossoms repeatedly throughout the entire season. You will have gorgeous, spicy red color for weeks on end.

Red Weigela Requires Only a Little Care

Red weigela has an independent streak and asks for minimal help. Here are the requirements:

  • Plant red weigela in a full-sun or a partially sunny spot in your yard.
  • Give the shrub a nitrogen-rich fertilizer in the early spring before it forms buds.
  • Red weigela prefers consistent moisture--but not too wet! Plan to water it about one inch per week without rainfall.
  • Before the onset of frigid winter temperatures, add about an inch or more of hardwood mulch, pine straw, or hay around the base of the shrub for insulation.

Besides these few basic maintenance needs, red weigela will get along fine without you.

Red Weigela Has a Striking Shape and Colorful Blooms

Red weigela is a beautiful shrub. Beyond the obvious beauty of the vibrant red, reblooming flowers, it has a graceful shape with stems that bend over a bit from the weight of the blossoms and leaves.

Red weigela leaves are ovate-shaped, under two inches long, light to medium green, and have serrated edges. They grow in an opposing habit on a light- to medium-gray stem. In the fall, the leaves turn purple, rust, or burgundy.

The red flowers are vibrant and range from magenta to deep red. They have a trumpet shape, measure about one inch, and appear to climb the entire stem length.

Order Your Red Weigela From TN Nursery Today

Red weigela will grace your garden with its gorgeous red color for many weeks throughout the summer. TN Nursery recommends this reblooming shrub for anyone who desires summer-long color. Order this lovely shrub today.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Floyd Williams
My Red Weigela

I received my Red Weigela's pretty fast . i planted them in large pots till threat of frost is passed. They are budding new leaves already, looking good. I will be ordering again. Sincerely Floyd. I already had pink and wanted some red.

Emily Douglas
Red Weigela

A stunning shrub as it flourish and accents its color to its green leaves. So excited for more blooms in springtime.

Dormant shrub has taken off!

I'd never ordered a dormant shrub before, and was a little skeptical of what appeared to be a couple of sticks with roots that showed up (very quickly after ordering!) at my door. For a couple weeks I checked on them each day, and when I finally noticed green sprouts growing out of the bare branches, I was afraid it was wishful thinking on my part. Now my two weigela bushes are covered in sprouting leaves, and over the last days more than 100 budding blooms have emerged! I'm not familiar with weigelas, but decided to try them instead of azaleas on a whim and I'm glad I did. I can hardly wait to see how the flowers compare to the photos I've seen -- judging by the rate they're now growing, I won't have to for too much longer!

Lisa Irwin
Great place to order from beautiful plants

It turned out absolutely beautiful just like the picture bloomed beautifully I definitely recommend ordering from this website

Phil Jenkings
Weigelia Shrubs

The shipping was fast and the packaging was great.