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Pecan Tree

Pecan Tree

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Pecan Tree - Carya Illinoinensis

Incorporating the Pecan Tree into landscaping offers many benefits beyond its delicious nuts. These majestic trees bring shade, aesthetic beauty, potential for edible yields, environmental contributions, and a sense of heritage to outdoor spaces.

This plant ships bare-root and dormant (no leaves or foliage) It will not green out until next spring.

The shade it provides is one of their most significant benefits in landscaping.

Pecan trees are large, spreading trees tht offer ample coverage, creating cool and inviting spaces beneath their canopy.

The shade they provide can be a respite from the sun's heat, making outdoor areas more comfortable and enjoyable for relaxation and outdoor activities.

Beyond their shade, it contribute to the aesthetic beauty of landscaping. Their tall stature, graceful branches, and lush foliage create a striking presence that adds visual interest and depth to the garden. Whether used as a single specimen tree or as part of a larger landscape design, they can enhance the overall beauty of outdoor environments.

The potential for edible yields adds to the value of the tree in landscaping. These trees produce nutritious and delicious pecans that both humans and wildlife can enjoy. Harvesting fresh nuts from one's garden connects the landscape to the food source, fostering a deeper appreciation for the natural world and sustainable living practices.

They also contribute to the environment by providing habitat and food sources for wildlife. Their nuts attract various creatures, from birds to squirrels, enriching the garden's biodiversity. Additionally, it contributes to air quality by releasing oxygen and sequestering carbon dioxide, promoting a healthier environment for humans and wildlife.

The presence of it in landscaping can evoke a sense of heritage and connection to the past. These trees have cultural significance and a long history of cultivation in various regions. Planting it can pay homage to the agricultural heritage of a location while also providing a link to the generations that have enjoyed their benefits for centuries.

In conclusion, it offers various benefits when used in landscaping projects. Their shade, aesthetic beauty, potential for edible yields, contributions to the environment, and cultural significance make them a valuable asset in outdoor spaces. By thoughtfully incorporating it into landscape designs, one can create inviting, beautiful, and environmentally conscious gardens that provide practical and emotional rewards.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Fast, Good Quality, <3-4ft

Products arrived quickly and in great condition. I ordered 3-4 foot trees but all arrived and were more like 2 ft. Hopefully they will grow quickly

James Roll
JT’s trees

I received the pecan trees package well and ready to plant. Put them in the ground and looking forward to seeing them come alive in the spring.

Robert Ridenour
Pecan trees.

We are in central Michigan and in the bottom of zone 5 but of my other ones 50% have done well.Of course they were dormant so we will know better in the spring and fall I hope my sons and grandsons enjoy them.

Rodney Berry
Pecan Trees

Great quality, nice height

Rena Bargsten
Service above and beyond

The service is the best , very fast delivery.. plants where still in the dormant stage . But not long and leaves started showing up. Good healthy plants root systems were very good.