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English Ivy

English Ivy

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English Ivy - Hedera Helix

English Ivy is a fantastic and versatile plant with several landscaping benefits. This evergreen vine is native to Europe and Western Asia and is widely embraced for its aesthetic appeal, adaptability, and practical applications.

One of the primary benefits of incorporating it into landscaping is its ability to create a lush and green backdrop.

This plant ships bare-root and dormant (no leaves or foliage) It will not green out until next spring.

English Ivy's dense and glossy foliage forms an attractive, cascading cover that can soften the appearance of walls, fences, and other vertical surfaces.

It's vigorous growth and climbing ability make it an excellent choice for adding greenery to structures and creating a living, natural screen for enhanced privacy in outdoor spaces.

Moreover, it is highly adaptable and can thrive in various conditions. It can tolerate shade, making it suitable for areas with limited sunlight and capable of growing in full sun. Additionally, this vine can withstand various soil types and different moisture levels, making it a versatile choice for diverse landscaping environments.

It also offers practical benefits for landscaping purposes. Its dense growth serves as an adequate ground cover, helping to control soil erosion on slopes and stabilizing embankments. Its ability to spread rapidly makes it an efficient weed suppressor, reducing the need for extensive weeding in garden beds.

In addition to its aesthetic and practical advantages, it can create a peaceful and earthy atmosphere in gardens and outdoor spaces. It stops soil erosion and puts a blanket on the ground. Its presence can put a touch of nature and greenery to urban areas, contributing to a sense of connection with the natural world.

In conclusion, it offers numerous benefits when used in landscaping. Its lush foliage, adaptability to different conditions, practical applications as a ground cover and privacy screen, and contribution to a calming atmosphere make it a valuable addition to various garden designs. 

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Customer Reviews

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Rose Shoe
English Ivy

Plant arrived. Looks healthy and is planted seems to be thriving well.

Barbara Pouliot
Superior product

The ivy was well packed, came to us quickly, is healthy and is already doing great!

Ellen Burke

Nice one, plant is doing fine. Great Service

Thank you so much for your feedback, Ellen! It makes our day hearing about how much our customers love plants.

English Ivy

Superior service with prompt communications and shipping a quality product....will order again. My thumb has started to turn green!