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Cardinal Flower 2 For $9.99 Description

Cardinal Flower - Lobelia Cardinalis 

Red cardinal flower, Lobelia Cardinalis, has beautiful flowers in crimson and bright red colors.

It has several common names like Water gladiole, Scarlet lobelia, Lobelia fulgens, Cardinal flower, and many more; They are the bellflower family Campanulaceae species native to North America. These plants are found in moist areas like marshes, streams, ponds, and low woody areas.

It is a herbaceous plant with a height of 3-6 feet. The leaves of these plants are alternate, lanceolate leaves, sized up to 6 inches long. Margin teeth are present on the leaf. The color of plant leaves varies. They may be green, purple-tinged, or bronze in color and shiny.

It is famous for its two-lipped dark red flowers. The size of the flower is 2 inches. The three lobes of the lower lip are more prominent than the two lobes of the upper lips. The flowers start to arise at the bottom of the terminal of flowering spikes and end towards the top. They feature the Cardinal flower’s erect terminal spikes (racemes).

Cardinal Flower Lobelia Cardinalis is adaptive to all pH and enjoys growing in mildly acidic, alkaline, or neutral soils in full sun

They require sunlight according to their growing land. In the more excellent region, these plants appreciate full sun to part shade, while in hotter climatic areas, these plants grow in afternoon shade. The plant can cover total sun exposure and provides soothing shelter from the intense heat.

It can grow in organic, rich medium to wet soils. These plants love to thrive in wet soils in full sun. They are adaptive to all pH and enjoy growing in mildly acidic, alkaline, or neutral soils in full sun.

It is a pretty low-maintenance plant that does not require it. These plants only require proper watering and need water just twice a week. Once the plants are settled, they do not need regular watering. And these plants can also survive in the cold winter.

These beautiful plants bloom in bright red colors and start their blooming in early summer, which continues till early fall. The charming double-lipped flowers attract hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies.

The pollination of the plant occurs by bees. The only time of pruning is right after the blooming. Hence, it does not require any extra and intensive care.

It is the Winner of the Prestigious Award of the garden, a merit of the Royal Horticultural Society. The zone of these plants is 6-10. The beautiful crimson, dark red flowers of the plants beautify your landscape. These are best for a woodland garden, rain garden, and grassland garden. You can plant it indoors in a water bottle or a pot. These plants are especially free from all diseases. 

Propagation of these plants is relatively easy. These plants are shipped as bare-root, and their seeds start growing after sowing.

Cardinal Flower: Lobelia Cardinalis is for sale online at Tn Nursery


Reviews (23)

  • 5
    Excellent quality!

    Posted by Dave - Indiana on Aug 05, 2022

    I ordered 20 and the crowns received were of excellent quality and still very fresh. Planted immediately and am sure will bring forth excellent plants. (just received a few days ago)

  • 5
    Cardinal plants

    Posted by James Chamberlin II on Jul 09, 2022

    Shipping was bare root plants. Thank You!!.......

  • 5
    Cardinal Flower

    Posted by Browvale on Sep 09, 2021

    Professional company that stands behind their plants- No issues here.

  • 4
    Cardinal flower

    Posted by Leftlane on May 21, 2021

    The bare root plants had me skeptical. I immediately placed them in a bowl of water until I could plant the next day. By morning they were crispy & I planted them in heavily composted soil. They are in partial shade near a water spigot. In a week the leaves have grown & there is healthy new growth. I'm very optimistic.

  • 5

    Posted by Eric on May 16, 2021

    Everything was delivered quickly and in great condition. What more could you ask for?

  • 5

    Posted by Rebecca on May 04, 2021

    The plants arrived in great condition and I look forward to beautiful flowers that attract our hummingbirds! What a wonderful website with a tremendous selection of so many hard to find plants, etc. Thank you, also, for your outstanding service!

  • 5
    Red Cardinal Plant's

    Posted by Rick G. on Apr 29, 2021

    The plants came in a timely manor, packaged nicely and ready to go!! I got what I expected and will buy from them again.

  • 5

    Posted by Tina on Dec 29, 2020

    Mine bloomed they look like something out of heaven they love to be near water

  • 5
    I love these.

    Posted by Byron Pendergrass on Dec 23, 2020

    My granny had these around her Creek when I was a kid I ordered 10 I’m so proud of them they love water so make sure you keep them near water


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