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Tennessee Wholesale Nursery is a retail and wholesale state-certified nursery grower of quality trees, shrubs, perennials, wetland, and native plants and trees. Our availability exceeds most growers in the industry, with over 3200 acres of availability to choose from.

We are located in the heart of the nursery capitol near McMinnville, Tennessee. Tennessee Wholesale Nursery is a family-owned and operated Wholesale Plant Nursery and offers you quality trees, shrubs, perennials, vines, wildflowers, ferns, live stakes, and B&B trees at affordable wholesale grower prices.

Our company started in 1938 as a family-owned and operated business. Since we've grown to have an inventory of over 3200 acres, and after 56 years and three generations of nursery workers, we are still going strong.

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery Plants

Opening in the late 1930s was an exciting and humbling beginning. We started with only a couple of acres and hand plows with mules. Now we have state-of-the-art transplants and tree digging spades to do most of the work for us. The grower part of nursery life is a hands-on event. Knowing what the industry expects at quality and price makes us leaders with the knowledge, unlike plant brokers or resellers. We plant enough stock to provide for large mail-order nurseries, significant retailers as well as landscapers, and other nurseries looking for deeply discounted prices on quality Grade A plants and trees.

2010 Changed The Way We Sold Plants

In 2010 due to an unprecedented number of individuals and homeowner's calling asking if they could buy just "1 or 2 plants," we decided to offer smaller quantities at sub-retail prices after much deliberation. Still 50% less than most online nurseries or garden centers for those who only want 1 or 2 plants to grow in their yard or flower gardens. It has turned our strictly wholesale nursery business into one that was instantly an overnight success with homeowners and wholesalers alike. With our super low wholesale prices on large quantities, we still offer the lowest prices online or off on nursery plants and trees.

We ship large volume bare root orders common carrier on a semi. Smaller homeowner orders ship USPS and deliver within 3-5 days. All you need to do is choose your selection and order online and allow us to do the rest for you. Our website has the highest encryption of security that can be purchased, and we have had a 0% fraud rate since we began accepting credit cards online over 38 years ago.

Shipping rates are affordable, and we guarantee you an excellent experience every time you choose to order from Tennessee Wholesale Nursery. Regardless of a small $20 order or a large wholesale $15,000 order, we treat each customer the same and offer them superior plants, packaged to be fresh on arrival and in excellent condition.

We not only get to meet nursery architects and business developers at trade shows across the country. We get to meet a broader spectrum of people, including homeowners, master gardeners, pathologists, horticulturists, agriculturists, business associates, company owners, and some CEOs and presidents of huge organizations. We are helping to obtain their landscaping desires for their corporations.

Our ventures include the help of landscape and design for some highly prestigious clientele with our affordable landscaping trees and shrubs.

We know quality from the Washington Monument, Trump Towers, and Arlington National Cemetery to the State of Tennessee Department of Parks. We price our nursery trees and shrubs affordable to obtain a large percentage of the customer's landscaping jobs on a budget, not to mention those that are frugal with their resources and are looking for the best prices on quality landscaping trees and plants online.

We are a state-certified plant nursery. Another significant aspect of our online service is that we were voted the best online plant nursery for three years. One of the main reasons our online store has succeeded so much is the wide variety of garden accessories we have to offer. The prices are low and affordable, which is perfect for anyone on a budget. Part of our inventory can also include berry plants, moss, and conifers. You are sure to find what you're looking for at our wholesale nursery plant online store.

A Tree Nursery to Complement Your Garden - Tennessee Wholesale Nursery

You will also find that our tree nursery is family-owned and operated. The best part of our business is that it is done entirely online, so you won't have to worry about going to any specific location. The shipping is fast and easy. We will ship your order directly to your home or office at an affordable price. All of our plants will be packaged neatly to ensure safe delivery. Rest easy knowing that you will get your order exactly how you wanted it.

Our Location

We are located in McMinnville, TN, serving the entire United States. The main goal that Tennessee Wholesale Nursery has is to deliver top-notch service and high-quality plants. Other unique selections that we stock can include fruit trees and balled trees. If you have trouble planting your plants for successful growth, we also list instructions at our Garden Delights Online Plant Nursery. Simply by going through our instructions, you can keep your plants growing healthy for many years to come.

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