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What Trees Make Living Fences?

Living fence Conifers Offer Much More Than Privacy

Best trees for a living fence are cedar trees, arborvitaes and privet plants.

Are you looking for a living fence trees for privacy? These type plants offers much more than simply privacy. They offer protection from high winds' damaging and destructive path also.TN Nursery has the perfect living fence trees or shrubs for your next landscaping scheme. Living Fence Trees work for much more than privacy, they help reduce noise, wind damage while staying lush and green year round. Buy online at Tn Nursery.

Living Fence Tree Choices

1. Cedar Trees

Keep your family and pets safe with cedar trees for fencing and landscaping.

A creative, organic, and sustainable way to keep your family and pets safe from potential intruders!

Trees are the perfect solution to put attention on your home while making it a safer place.

If you're looking for privacy or a safe environment outside of your home, contact us today to learn more about cedar trees as living fencing.

2. Privet Hedge Plants

Discover privet hedges. They're beautiful year-round and do an excellent job of providing privacy for your home. Privacy trees are a must-have for your property. TN Nursery has the best quality trees at affordable prices and fast shipping.

Buy your privet hedge today. It won't take up much space and will give you the privacy you deserve without sacrificing design or your budget. Find out why TN Nursery has the highest quality, affordable privet to meet your local needs.

3. Emerald Green Arborvitaes

Discover a beautiful variety of Emerald Green Arborvitaes that offer green foliage all year round. Thanks to their evergreen nature, they can be used as a living fence or hedge, preventing people from wandering into your property. The Emerald Green Arborvitaes are excellent as a privacy screen and are considered one of the most attractive landscaping varieties for this purpose. Emerald Green Arborvitae plants thrive in the sun or part shade and can grow to heights of approximately 5-6 feet tall. They form a dense, evergreen shrub that can make an excellent privacy hedge for the sides and backs of homes. Find a variety of Emerald Green Arborvitae plants online at Tn Nursery today.

California Privet 2-3' - TN Nursery

California Privet 2-3'

California Privet a popular evergreen shrub frequently used in landscaping due to its numerous benefits and aesthetic appeal. When incorporated into gardens and outdoor spaces, it brings forth its unique attributes, contributing to the overall beauty and functionality of the landscape. The Tall and Stately California Privet It grows exceptionally fast. Within a matter of weeks every spring, it'll grow into trees that are roughly 15 feet in height and just as wide, making it quite effective as a wind barrier and privacy hedge. It's an attractive tree that sports many white blossoms that contrast nicely with the green leaves and reddish-green petioles. The underside of the leaves turns from forest green to greenish-yellow, creating attractive flashes of color throughout the hedgerow. The Flowers Of California Privet During the early spring, hedges of this type sprout white, strong-smelling blooms. The blooms have an earthy, bucolic smell that fits right in when it comes to country gardens. The flowers themselves can grow to more than 4 inches in diameter. The hedge also produces smooth berries that are nearly black in color, offering a pleasing contrast to the green oval leaves, greenish-red petioles, and white flowers. Create a Garden Wall With California Privet These hedges grow together to form a veritable wall, the thick branches and stems intertwining beneath the lovely oval leaves. The hedge can also be cut into various shapes in the garden to create eye-catching sculptures to accent various patches of colorful flowers. It's quite a hardy plant, too, so it will retain its good looks in almost any climate or weather. There are variants of this hedge, too, and they provide pleasing looks through two-toned leaves and flowers of different shades of white. Most often, the secondary leaf color is yellow, while certain of these hedges have berries that are greyish-white rather than black. Ecological Importance Of California Privet Pollinating insects, such as bees and many species of butterflies, visit the flowers all spring. The butterflies provide more color to the mien of any of these hedges. The leaves are important in the life cycle of certain butterfly species, too, because the shade they provide is helpful for the caterpillar form of these species. All in all, these hedges are an attractive and effective member of any garden either as a barrier or after being decoratively sculpted.

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