Living Moss As Decor

Real Moss Décor and Centerpieces

Moss has become a trendy décor item that's got staying power as more people recognize how this simple yet versatile plant makes their home look and feel great. It's low maintenance, stays green year-round, and can be turned into living pieces of home décor. Many people go for the synthetic version as they perceive it to be low-to-no maintenance and cheaper than the real deal. Natural moss costs the same as artificial, is easy to maintain, and doesn't fade or collect dust over time.

What is Moss?

Moss is a spore-bearing plant with over 12,000 species and is found worldwide. It's primarily a ground-covering plant but can live on various surfaces and heights worldwide. Moss can even be found living in freshwater environments. The chances are good. You're most familiar with Live Moss and moss growing on rocks, under trees, in shady spots, and hanging from trees in certain parts of the U.S.

What makes moss such a survivor is the fact it reproduces through spores instead of flowers. It's self-propagating, and this reproducing method means it's easy to maintain when used as home décor or living centerpieces. Moss also lives harmoniously with other plants and provides nutrients to the soil throughout its lifecycle.

Buying Real Moss Centerpieces Instead of Artificial Ones

Artificial moss in the craft or home décor store is typically more expensive than the real thing. You can buy balls of living moss that cost less but provide the benefits of having a living houseplant and a rich green that doesn't fade over time. You can combine it with other low-maintenance plants and even use it as a soil cover for some plants.

Natural moss is a living organism that grows and changes over time, something artificial moss can't do. The ever-changing visual of living moss keeps a centerpiece attractive as the moss goes through phases. Living moss decorations placed alongside decorations in the house are lovely for giving depth and interest to the objects. You can create living art with moss by combining different shapes or spreading it onto something like driftwood.

Why Use Real Moss for Décor and Centerpieces?

Moss is a living plant that provides oxygen and color to a room. It's evergreen and requires watering about twice a week. Because moss is a ground cover, it adapts well to being planted on a shaped base of dirt to look like balls or mossy pebbles. Another reason to use moss for home décor is its rich texture, creating a pleasing visual. You'll find yourself looking at the moss and letting your eye wander around its color, textures, and formations.

One can use natural moss in your home as an accent piece for artwork or as a centerpiece that brightens up a room.

Tree Moss - TN Nursery

Tree Moss

Tree moss, or epiphytic type, grows on the branches and trunks of plants, forming green, velvety mats or cushions in forested environments. It is often found growing on the trunks and branches of saplings. It offers many benefits when landscaping. Its unique characteristics contribute to creating visually appealing and environmentally friendly outdoor spaces. Tree Moss is a plant that is rarely recommended for gardens or yards, but it boasts a wide range of hidden benefits any plant lover and property owner would be glad to take advantage of. Whether you've noticed the growth or you're thinking about growing it, here's why you should follow through on this. Tree Moss Serves As Excellent Groundcover Depending on where you live, growing grass may not be as easy as you'd like, resulting in bare spots on your lawn or throughout other areas of your property. They want this one, which can serve as a groundcover that keeps things green and lush in the regions that might not be as hospitable for grass. With the added benefits below, you'll be sure to want to spread it from these areas to more parts of your property, too. Tree Moss Can Protect Trees This plant acts as a stellar insulator for saplings, protecting them from various external threats and even defending them against pollutants. If you've been looking for plants that can help you improve the biodiversity in your yard and protect other saplings and plants, they are a wonderful choice. Acting as a form of protection isn't its only role. Its benefits extend far beyond this. These plants are essentially sponges, attracting moisture and absorbing nutrients from the immediate environment around them that are then easily spread to other plants that need them. Their tight root-like growth systems help them anchor themselves to the ground and reduce soil erosion without producing too much competition for nutrients in the immediate area where they're growing. The introduction of them can do wonders for other plants in your space. Air Quality Is Improved With Tree Moss One unique benefit is Tree Moss's ability to improve air quality. Because they sponge what they need from the air around them, they can actually reduce the amount of pollutants in an area, improving overall air quality so that you can enjoy your space with ease.

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