How to Attract Dragonflies |

Dragonflies are not only beautiful to have around your garden, but they also keep away mosquitoes and other pest insects.

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Attracting adult dragonflies will keep the nasty bugs away from your plants. To attract dragonflies, you need water. You can set up a pond or an artificial pond to attract dragonflies.

Since adult dragonflies like to lay eggs on plants, you can add plants or leaves to the water, such as lilies. If you add water, make sure the water is natural but not overly clean. Water should be as natural as lake or pond water. To recreate their environment, try growing tall grass, rocks, and plenty of lush flowers to make it more habitable.

A pond should be at least twenty feet deep and shallow around the edges, at least 2-3 feet. The deep waters will come to protect the dragonflies. You can also protect the dragonflies by using plants that grow well around the edges of ponds. Numerous underwater plants are lucrative for dragonfly larvae to thrive well, and they will be protected from predators. Pond plants such as hornwort, starwort, and pondweed are excellent places where dragonflies can live and grow. Bur-reed, flowering rush, and bogbean are other plants that will merge from the water surface. If you are using a pond, be sure to keep the grass reasonably high. In following the grass high, be sure to also watch out for snakes.

You can also place rocks around your garden so dragonflies have something to sit on. Rocks will also add some structure to your garden, and they can make an excellent addition to pathways. You can attract dragonflies with plenty of flowers as well. Dragonflies don't have to have flowers, but any flower will come to attract insects. Flowers will also attract bees that will come to pollinate the atmosphere.

In building a productive atmosphere for dragonflies, you'll also attract a wide variety of wildlife, including frogs and other insects that will benefit your land and garden. Insects such as dragonflies, lacewings, and ladybugs will come to eat harmful insects like mites, Keeping Mosquitoes Away , and aphids. It is a natural way of getting rid of pests while fostering a lush and natural landscape. To attract dragonflies, be sure not to use insecticides.

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