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Minimal Effort Perennial Gardens

Create a Lush Flowering Perennial Garden With Minimal Effort

Beautifying a residential landscape involves investing your time and labor into gardens. Many homeowners select flowering perennial plants because of their colorful blooms and significant return on investment. Everyday people with a green thumb enjoy the year-after-year benefits with only modest maintenance and care.

One commonly used strategy involves integrating plants that flower at different times. Conventional wisdom revolves around having some color at any given time. But what if you could build on that success by planning combinations of flowering perennial plants that paint your property like a masterpiece for entire seasons? If that idea sounds rewarding, it may be in your best interest to re-imagine spaces where flowers enhance the aesthetic value of your property.


Strategically Rethink Spring Flowering Perennial Plants

Too many homeowners rely on annuals to provide a quick color solution to front yards when the weather breaks. Buying annuals offers no return on investment value and require repetitive time and effort. If you are like many who prefer to sip a warm morning beverage and enjoy cheerful blooms each spring, employing the following flowering perennial plants may prove fruitful.

  • Virginia Bluebells: This flowering perennial plant produces delightful pastel-pink buds that evolve into iconic 1-inch lavender flowers in the shape of tiny trumpets. This native North American matures upwards of 24 inches tall and wide and routinely attracts butterflies. It blooms early to late spring and spreads year over year.
  • Bloodroot: This flowering perennial grows to 8 inches with a 6-inch spread. Its pristine white flowers enjoy a yellow-gold center that gives the impression of a water lily. Ranked among the hearty North American native perennials, Bloodroot blooms in early to mid-spring.

Other subtle perennials that may fit with personal preferences include Foam flowers and White Violet, among others. Merging these and other perennials that reliably flower in select areas helps sidestep an uneven appearance. Coordinating select plants with subtly contrasting colors enhances the landscape in a fashion consistent with those created by master gardeners.


Re-Imagine Summer Flowering Perennial Plant Combinations

Although everyday people often focus on full sunlight perennial plants that bloom all summer long, diverse combinations may prove worthwhile. Some gardening enthusiasts focus on specific plants that offer eye-catching colors without necessarily providing surrounding support. That approach tends to mirror flower-pot gardening and may not maximize the potential of the grounds. Homeowners can transform their property by including mainstay perennial plants with lesser-known options.

  • Daylily: Although some like to employ the Daylily as a standalone option that can reach upwards of 36 inches, it has vast potential in more dense gardens. The classic Orange Daylily produces large flowers and reblooms when watered regularly. Other possibilities include the Red Daylily, which matures to slightly less than 3 feet and offers a nuanced plant palette.
  • Dandelion: When the Dandelion pops up in lawns, homeowners usually consider it a weed. But perennial gardens benefit from low-growing plants that provide a green base and offer small flowers.

One of the gardening tips that sometimes flies under the radar involves the need to thin perennial plant gardens. Daisies and Black-Eyed Susan flourish quickly and compete for ground space. Keeping a well-manicured flower bed with two or more of these spreaders calls for an uptick in maintenance. That’s one reason to consider complimenting one with docile options.

Creating perennial plant gardens that bloom during spring or summer enhances any property. You can enjoy lush gardens filled with attractive flowers by strategically employing combinations that bloom in unison. If you are planning flower gardens or want to retool existing ones, our TN nursery enjoys a complete inventory of perennials.