Bring a Touch of Autumn to Your Landscape with Pin Oak Tree

Product Name: Pin Oak Tree

Latin Name: Quercus palustris

USDA Symbol: QUPA2

Plant Type: Deciduous Perennial

Bloom Season: Early Spring

Hardy Planting Zones: Zones 4-8

Natural Habitat: moist and slightly acidic soil

Native Areas: North America

1. Product Description

The pin oak tree, which goes by the Latin name Quercus palustris, is a large and full finely-shaped shade tree that belongs to the red oak family. The tree has a growth rate of approximately 24 inches per year, considerably higher than most oak trees. The tree has a characteristic pyramidal shape (when young) and glossy green leaves, enhancing its beauty as a shade tree. When the tree matures, it assumes an odd shape: the lower branches hang low, the middle branches stick out like limbs, and the upper branches grow straight upwards.

The pin oak leaves undergo different transformations of color depending on the season. Typically, the leaves are green during the spring and summer seasons. However, the leaves turn bronze or red in fall and eventually brown during winter. The tree maintains most of the leaves throughout the winter season.

1. Uses of Pine Oak Tree

You can use pin oak trees as ornamental plants for landscaping in areas where people can see them. Apart from the appealing tree shape, the pin oak tree offers a beautiful color, especially in the fall and winter. Consequently, you can use the trees in residential, commercial, and recreational areas to increase the aesthetics of such places.

The fundamental nature of pin oak trees will also provide good shade. Pin oak trees have a towering height and a wide spread that adds to the shade.

2. Reasons To Purchase A Pine Oak Tree

  • Pin Oak Tree Needs Less Maintenance

At optimum conditions, the pin oak tree needs less or no maintenance. You may need to prune the lower branches as the tree grows to keep them off the ground and create more growing space.

  • Adapts To A Wide Variety Of Soil Types

The pine-oak tree is also known for its adaptability in various soils. The tree can also withstand short periods of drought and wet soil.

  • Pin Oak Trees Are Fast Growing

The pin oak tree grows at a higher rate when compared to other landscaping trees. The tree's growth rate is approximately 24" per year at optimum conditions.

Generally, the pin oak tree is a good choice for landscaping trees. Due to their adaptability, you can grow them almost anywhere. The tree also adds a beautiful color and shape to various residential and commercial spaces.


Pin Oak Tree - TN Nursery

Pin Oak Tree

Pin oak is a large deciduous tree with distinctive deeply lobed leaves and tiny acorns. It is known for its pyramidal shape and tolerance of wet soil conditions, making it a popular choice in landscaping. The pin oak, also known as Quercus palustris, is an especially common type for landscaping purposes in its native area. This is partially because it grows relatively fast, at a rate of approximately 2 feet a year. It generally reaches a final height of 60-80 feet, sometimes exceeding 100 feet, while its spread tends to be around 25-40 feet. Its usual lifespan is 120 years. Locations The Pin Oak Tree Likes Their native area is a swath of land from New England to North Carolina in the east and westward to Kansas and Oklahoma. They are also found in extensive numbers in Indiana and Ohio. Of course, they are also found in other parts of the world, the United Kingdom and Australia being notable examples. They tend to be located in damp areas, particularly near lakes, rivers, and streams, as well as in wet, low-lying places. The "palustris" part of its alternate name accurately describes this tendency as it means "of swamps." However, they do not grow at high elevations, roughly anywhere from 1,100 feet in elevation and above, or on sloped surfaces. Distinctive Canopy Of The Pin Oak Tree One way this type of greenery stands out from similar ones is its canopy. That is because the branches towards its lower portion tend to point downwards; the ones in the middle are usually pointing nearly directly to the sides, and branches at the top are usually pointing upwards. The Leaves Of The Pin Oak Tree The leaves have five or seven points on their lobes. They are usually 2-6 inches long and 2-4 inches broad. Because it is deciduous, its leaves are shed every fall and regrown every spring. That said, some younger ones of this type, such as those with a height of 20 feet or less, keep leaves through the winter. The Pin Oak Tree is easy to transport because they have shallow, fibrous roots with no accompanying taproots. This root system also allows it to adapt to flooded conditions.

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