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Benefits of Composting | Facts and Information

Thursday, March 10

Compost Helps Any Soil

What type of soil do you have? If your first answer is, um, dirt? Don't worry, that's like most of us.

It can help, though, to choose new plants or take better care of those you already have when you are familiar with the type of soil you have. Soils tend to fall into three basic categories: sand, clay, or loam.

Sandy soils are well draining and suitable for plants that don't like "wet feet." Clay soils hold water a good deal, perhaps too much, and are not oxygenated.

Strangely, compost will improve both of them. It helps break up the clay and lets water pass out more quickly. With sandy soils, it helps build somebody so that water doesn't pass through quickly. How great that one kind of compost can create two different effects. Once you've added the compost to these two types of soil, you're closer to loam which is the ideal type of soil. Rosa palustris, aka Swamp Rose, does well in poorly drained soil, while yucca filamentosa does well in sandy soils. The 10 tips for Seasonal Composting , You can find both in our mail order nursery.

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