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Summer, Fall,
Bloom Season
Summer, Fall,
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Flower Gardens And Beds, Border Plants,
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Blazing Star 3 For $12.99 Description

Blazing Star 

Blazing Star, Liatris spicata, a clump-forming perennial commonly known as blazing marsh star, belongs to an Aster family. Planting native to North America or the Eastern United States grows well from mid-summer and continues to grow through the fall, exhibiting a vigorous bloom. 

Such wildflowers, called Gay feathers, attract pollinators through their bright and vibrant blossoms. And seem a great source of nectar for the monarch; flower moths or butterflies requiring no specific soil type can grow well in loam, sand, or clay, even in poor soil, due to its sturdy nature, although they prefer drained soil for rapid growth results. The PH of soil is acidic to alkaline.

Blazing star plants can cope with high heat; humidity propagates up to the mark in the full blazing sun, while partial shade contributes to healthy growth

These herbaceous perennials are famous for their flower spikes that come with white, pink, or purple flowers that look like fuzzy bottle brushes breeding on a long flower stalk that emerges from spiky and grassy green leaves. Unlike other plants, these flower heads cultivate from top to bottom with decent spaces of approximately 12 to 15 inches between the cultivars for efficient growth and air circulation. Liatris sprouts in spring while the whole plants proliferate in late summers from the seeds or corms sown in the gardens in early spring or fall.

The flowers require 70 to 90 days to bloom adequately. The addition of slow-release fertilizers or compost contributes to the plant`s spread. The low-maintenance prairie flowers are 2 to 6 feet tall and unbranched and grow in beds, tubs, or containers, making an excellent addition to any garden or landscape when paired with various colorful flowers, supposed as the best ornamental flowers and the first choice of hybridizers.

This perennial is good to grow with an initial water supply to avoid heat stress or drought conditions in a week. It is also cold resistant. The division of these cultivars is not a better option at the time of bloom as this time seems best to acquire desired results while cutting the corm is suitable when the leaves reach fewer than 3 inches. 

Cutting flowers and deadheading at the right time is beneficial for prolonging the plant`s life and avoiding all kinds of bacterial and fungal diseases. Deepwater soaking is essential for favorable growth, so providing sufficient moisture is better than overhead sprinkling. These plants need a minimum of a year to grow maximally with bloomed flowers. Tea made from Dotted Blazing star is used for Kidney and bladder problems, water retention, gonorrhea, sore throat, and laryngitis. However, the leaves and roots can be used in medicinal treatments like headaches, abdominal pain, etc.

The Blazing Star Plant is Beloved by the Birds, the Bees, and the Butterflies and is available online at TN Nursery



Reviews (5)

  • 3

    Posted by William Cooper on Jan 23, 2022

    This exudes a vibrant purple color that accents my frontyard with other shrubs. I had this from TN nursery, the best buy so far.

  • 4
    Blazing star

    Posted by Jeff Monroe on Jul 31, 2022

    Seems like decent bulbs. Will see hiw they do in spring

  • 5

    Posted by Patrick Bailey on Jan 12, 2022

    This perennial is worth buying. It truly is a thumbs up!

  • 5

    Posted by Olive Miller on Jan 09, 2022

    This lovely towering stem with purple blooms at the tip gives a very dashing effect in my pathway. My front yard looks entirely transformed.
    Thank you TN nursery for keeping me updated with your perennial and classic selections.

  • 5

    Posted by Olive on Jan 07, 2022

    This ornamental plant never fails to amuse me in my garden. I had the best grown of this plant in my yard surviving in all seasons. I just had my new orders delivered ready for planting anytime this week. Thank you TN nursery, it reached me in good condition. Cheers


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