Blazing Star 3 For $14.99

Blazing Star 3 For $14.99

Bloom Season:
Full Sun
Height At Maturity:
Under 3 Feet
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5-7 Days
Planting Zones 3-9
Flower Beds, Gardens, Landscaping

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Blazing Star (Liatris spicata)


Blazing Star: Liatris spicata, or blazing star, are a native wildflower species originating in the eastern United States. TN Nursery suggests this plant for anyone who wants a flower that is resilient, easy to manage, and still colorful enough to display proudly.


The blazing star plant loves to bask in the sunshine and enjoys the heat and humidity. Conversely, it also tolerates drought--it only needs assistance from you during extended drought. This plant is unfussy about soil types--mix in some compost every so often to feed it.


In nature, blazing star grows in open grassy meadows or fields--its significant height means tall wild grasses do not overshadow it.


Other names for the blazing star include the following:


  •      Marsh blazing star
  •      Dense blazing star
  •      Snakeroot
  •      Gayfeather
  •      Spike gayfeather


The Striking Good Looks of the Blazing Star


The blazing star is notable for its stunning, slender stalks that grow tall as if reaching for the sun. The stalks may stretch as high as six feet in optimal growing conditions.


The grassy-looking, glossy green leaves grow from attractive clumps. The stalks shoot up straight from the center of each plant, forming dramatic spikes.


Flowers form on unbranched spikes and blossom in striking, bold lavender or purple. The blooms open from the verytop to the bottom and have a whimsical, fluffy appearance.


The bright color and soft floral notes attract the interest of many bees and butterflies.


How to Use Liatris spicata in Your Landscape


Here are some ways TN Nursery customers work blazing star plants into their landscape:

  •      Pollinator gardens: As mentioned earlier, this plant will buzz with bees and other pollinator species. Pollination is essential for a healthy ecosystem.
  •      Urban gardens: Sunny parks in urban or suburban benefit from this bright burst of color. They can go directly into the ground or in deep containers. The colorful flowers and grassy foliage will please passersby.
  •      Border plants: The substantial height of the blazing star makes it perfect in the back row of a border garden.
  •      Ornamental: Whether you have a rustic cottage garden or a formal garden, the blazing star plant is worthy of serving as a focal point.


Order Your Blazing Star From TN Nursery Today


TN Nursery recommends the blazing star for any customer who needs a tall, impressive full-sun flower. Order yours today.

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  • 5
    Beautiful Plant. Recommended in Southern Living magazine.

    Posted by Rebecca L Carr on Sep 13, 2022

    We received the tubers in record time. My husband planted them and we look forward to having them grow and bloom.

  • 4
    Blazing Star

    Posted by Alex B on Aug 29, 2022

    Perfectly packaged. Arrived promptly with very clear instructions. Will have to wait to see if they come up next year.

  • 4
    Blazing star

    Posted by Jeff Monroe on Jul 31, 2022

    Seems like decent bulbs. Will see hiw they do in spring

  • 3

    Posted by William Cooper on Jan 23, 2022

    This exudes a vibrant purple color that accents my frontyard with other shrubs. I had this from TN nursery, the best buy so far.

  • 5

    Posted by Patrick Bailey on Jan 12, 2022

    This perennial is worth buying. It truly is a thumbs up!

  • 5

    Posted by Olive Miller on Jan 09, 2022

    This lovely towering stem with purple blooms at the tip gives a very dashing effect in my pathway. My front yard looks entirely transformed. Thank you TN nursery for keeping me updated with your perennial and classic selections.

  • 5

    Posted by Olive on Jan 07, 2022

    This ornamental plant never fails to amuse me in my garden. I had the best grown of this plant in my yard surviving in all seasons. I just had my new orders delivered ready for planting anytime this week. Thank you TN nursery, it reached me in good condition. Cheers

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