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Blackberry Plants

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The Advantages of Planting Blackberry Plants
If you are looking to plant fruit in your yard, blackberries are an excellent choice. Blackberry plants offer many advantages for you. They are easy to maintain, come in several varieties, and can grow almost anywhere.

Blackberry Plants Maintenance

Blackberry bushes are very easy to plant and maintain. They are self-fertile, so you can have one plant or hundreds if you would like. They grow best in full sun and fertile soil that drains well.
You can plant them shallowly. They need approximately one inch of water each week. It can be helpful to put mulch around them to help hold in moisture and to cut down on weeds.
Once a year, you should prune your blackberry bushes to increase your crop the next year.

Blackberry Varieties

You can get vining blackberries semi-erect, or erect blackberries. Thornless blackberry varieties are also available. If you get vining blackberries, you will want to set up a trellis for them to grow on. When planting, semi-erect go 5 to 6 feet apart. Erect blackberries should be planted 3 feet apart. Vining blackberries need to be 5-8 feet apart. Eight feet should be left between rows.

Zoning for Blackberries

One of the great things about blackberries is that they can grow almost anywhere. Blackberry varieties are available for zones 5-10. In warmer zones, blackberries should be planted in the fall. In colder climates, waiting for early spring is ideal. Some hybrid varieties have been cultivated for colder climates, so they will produce berries earlier and not lose their flowers in a frost.

While blackberry plants are ideal for growing because they are so easy to care for and can grow in so many places, there is one significant advantage we have not covered. You get lots of nutritious and delicious blackberries to eat!!