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 Black Walnut Trees are one of the most highly sought-after in the US.

The black walnut tree wood is valued for furniture and cabinet making, and the nuts are a commercial crop. Flooring from this tree is also a deep and beautiful plus in high demand. Demand for this tree has been so high that it is now found in 29 states, including Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, and Mississippi.

 Nut husks can be used to produce edible oil. Its nuts inside are highly sought after for candy, cakes, and pies.

 Dress up your home with exquisite furniture made from a black walnut tree, or create a high-value niche market by planting them. You can hardly find a black walnut tree online or off, but TN Nursery has them! In minimal quantities.

Black walnut is a valuable tree native to North America that is worth your attention.

 The black walnut had a rich history before humans settled in North America. Before the first arrival of Europeans, Native Americans were using nuts for weaving baskets and cooking. The wood was also used for making canoes, hats, and other crafts. With its rich history and high value, the black walnut deserves to be on your list of priorities. Take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy this tree's incredible value!

Nut: Black walnuts are prized for their flavor and aroma;

The black shell is prized for its difficulty in extracting the nut from the shell. The black walnut tree has a high crown and is identified by its deep green leaves. Black walnuts are the most valuable nut-producing tree native to North America. The tree's wood is used for furniture, cabinetry, and other purposes. After removal from their husks, the nuts are often eaten raw because nothing else tastes like them.

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    Black walnut tree are...

    Posted by Evan McDivitt on Jan 20, 2023

    Thank you for the black walnut trees. They are in the ground. I originally ordered 25 of the 3’-4’ tall seedlings. TN nursery called and said they were out of stock and would I prefer 40 seedlings in the 2’ tall range for the same price I had paid as the 25 larger ones. I agreed. The 2’ tall black walnuts came and I planted them within 24 hours. Then I was surprised by another shipment of the 25 larger sized black walnut seedlings a week later! Not wanting them to go bad and dry out, I found some more room in my yard for them and planted them within 24 hours as well. Thank you for your kind generosity! There is hopefully a future black walnut grove of 70 trees in my yard for grandchildren and the next generation to enjoy.

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