Black Raspberry

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Black Raspberry Bush - Rubus Occidentalis

Black Raspberries Bush are shrubs that produces one delicious and highly valuable fruit even sometimes more than their red cousin. The leaves are sometimes covered with a waxy sheen and sometimes can have a purplish tent to them. The leaf can have 3 to 5 leaflets ranging from 2 to 3.2 inches long.  Also, they produce delicious Raspberries which happen to come out black rather than the traditional red but has been known to produce rare yellow ones. The flowers bloom between the months of April to July and the berries tend to ripen around July to August. When planting them yourself. It is said that that these bushes should not be planted near wild raspberries or blackberries to prevent the spread of disease. It is preferred to plant each bush 2.5 feet apart from each other to allow easy access to the bush for any harvesting or grooming. The recommended soil for planting Black Raspberry bushes is a well-drained and near non-soggy soil. Black Raspberries have been known to produce a light honey and plays a role in providing pollen for bee’s. The honey is said to be white or a light amber color with a sweet light flavor and is praised for its high quality. The black raspberry (Rubus occidentalis) is a member of the rose family (Rosaceae) that is native to the eastern part of North America. The plant is a deciduous shrub that can grow to be between seven and ten feet tall. The round and edible fruit is typically black-purple, but some variants produce yellow fruit called yellow raspberries. Black raspberries can be eaten as they are, or they can be frozen or made into a jam or juice. Black raspberries need soil that drains well. They should be planted at least 300 feet away from any wild black or red raspberries to prevent the spread of disease. They can be planted in either partial or full sun.


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