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The addition of vines to a home or garden adds beauty, fragrance, and charm. Often the past and historical countrysides are whispered by the welcome and unexpected twisting of the vine, along trellises, high above the garden earth. Your gardening ground can then be used for more plants and flowers. With a variety of perennial and annual vines to choose from, some favorites include Hummingbird Vines, English Ivy Vines, and Wisteria Vines. Beauty, shade, and bloom enhance an arbor or climb the nearby shed.

Vines for Zone 8 are often Hummingbird Vines, English Ivy Vines, or Wisteria Vines

Hummingbird Vines
One of the favorites that draw visiting hummingbirds is the beautiful Trumpet Vine. It loves the sun and can climb to 30 feet. Orange, red or yellow/gold blossoms beckon to both birds and butterflies; moreover, it is easy to grow, as it speedily covers fences, walls or trellises. Both you and the hummingbirds will enjoy this vine. The best news: It is drought tolerant.

English Ivy Vines
Hang English Ivy from baskets or use as a ground cover. It grows best in medium light and comfortable temperatures. Additionally, as in the famous English gardens of history, you can shape your English Ivy into topiary. Delicate and versatile, this vine is a favorite choice for indoors and outdoors.

Vines for Zone 8 can climb or grow up to 30 feet

Wisteria Vines
Dramatic and showstopping, the beauty of wisteria is filled with hanging clusters of grape-like blossoms in shades of white, pink or silvery blue. Its fragrant flowers fill the air. Some varieties have huge flowers; the vine itself can grow to a height of 30 feet. Blooming in the spring, it may bloom again in the summer and the fall, yellow tones can be seen. Wisteria can be used on beds, borders, trellises or pergolas, providing privacy as well as beauty as it shimmers in the sun.

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