Vines, Best Sellers

VInes are simply ground cover and climber plants. TN Nursery has the best selection of vines on sale and we ship to your home or office. Buy quality vines online at TN Nursery



English Ivy

Trumpet vines



Vines are groundcover plants that are good for soil erosion and weed prevention.

Ajuga repatans is a groundcover vine plant that grows up to 8 inches tall and wide. This low-maintenance groundcover has an attractive pea-colored flower throughout the summer. It spreads quickly with little need for care.


With ajuga repatans groundcover vine plant, plants are beautiful in appearance and easy to care for (even on the most basic of budgets). They also complement each other and won't compete for resources.


Periwinkle Plant helps make your houseplants happy, healthy, and beautiful without the hassle of watering them every day or doing the messy cleanup. The magic of the periwinkle plant is in its natural, safe, and pesticide-free.



Vines add beauty to your Landscape and garden

Your garden is suffering. Brown patches are appearing, weeds are taking over, and you feel guilty because you couldn't maintain it.


With Vines, your garden will flourish and produce gorgeous blooms in the spring and summer. Not only will you be able to grow all of your favorite plants in this groundcover, but enemies of your garden like weeds, pests, and insects will also be killed by it!


Vines are back this spring - a groundcover providing beautiful foliage throughout the year with blooms in the spring and summer.


Hate gardening, but do you love plants?


Start with something simple with vines. They are groundcovers; they prevent soil erosion, promote weed control, and provide an overall beauty to the ground.


Vines are easy to maintain, can be planted in any soil, and help establish a beautiful garden in weeks. With Vines, you can grow roses, flowers, and perennials for a gorgeous garden you want to show off!


You don't have time to maintain a beautiful yard or the space to do it. You don't have time to disturb your weeds and want a lush ground cover. What's the best way to keep your lawn looking lovely all year?


Growing up in Florida, we were taught that groundcovers were vital to keeping our lawns looking green and healthy all year. Still, maintaining a home with a lawn requires too much care and effort!

Why not plant vines instead? Vines are groundcovers that provide shade & moisture for your lawn, prevent soil erosion, and promote weed control. Vines also pack a beauty punch with their blooming flower.