Tree Seedlings


Tree Seedlings


Need Tree seedlings? TN Nursery offers an enormous selection of tree seedlings. With our vast offerings, you can find the species that best suits your growing conditions and preferences. Our nursery specializes in native species or those well-adapted to the United States. As a result, you will find resilient and carefree trees to include in your landscape.


TN Nursery ships our tree seedlings as bare root plants. This method accomplishes two objectives. First, it is an environmentally-friendly option, as it eliminates the need for plastic containers. Secondly, it helps mitigate an unlikely situation--the accidental shipment of diseased soil from one state to the next.


Why You Might Choose to Grow Tree Seedlings


Although the wait may be longer, many people choose tree seedlings instead of their taller counterparts for a few reasons.


  •        Cost savings: You save significantly on the cost of tree seedlings versus taller saplings. Because the grower has less time invested in the smaller option, they can afford to sell it at a lower cost.
  •        Plant more trees: Due to the cost reduction, people involved in reforestation or large landscape projects choose tree seedlings when they need to plant more trees instead of a gardener who might only invest in one or two trees.
  •        It is more satisfying: Some gardeners opt for tree seedlings for the satisfaction of watching the process. Watching the progress is fun for avid gardeners.


What Are the Most Popular Tree Seedlings at TN Nursery?


Here are a few of our hottest sellers at TN Nursery:


  •        Dogwood: We offer two dogwoods--white and pink. Customers covet the early-season, colorful, fragrant blossoms and this species' elegant shape and lush foliage. It's an ever-popular pick.
  •        Redbud: This species lights up the springtime with bright pink to magenta blooms each year. The flowers give way to lovely foliage. It reaches about thirty feet at maturity, an easily managed height.
  •        Oaks: If you want a large, classic shade tree, oak seedlings might be the best pick. Depending on your location and sunlight and watering needs, TN Nursery offers several oak tree options: red oak, willow oak, white oak, or pin oak.
  •        Evergreen seedlings: If you want year-round greenery, our pine tree seedlings could benefit you. Our best sellers are Virginia and Loblolly pine tree seedlings, thanks to their carefree nature and long lifespan.

Shop for Tree Seedlings With TN Nursery


TN Nursery offers many choices when it's time to shop for tree seedlings and other planting needs. We are here to help, so please feel free to ask questions as you browse.


Tree seedlings offer many environmental uses. They are used in timber production for pulpwood, cotton production, paper lumber, and furniture. Tree seedlings are small and affordable to plant and a great investment for long-term benefits.

Tn Nurseries Best Selling Tree Seedlings

1. Red Maple Seedlings

2. Silver Maple Seedlings

3. Tulip Poplar Seedlings

4. Sourwood Seedlings

5. Willow Oak Seedlings



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