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Tree Seedlings

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Purchase Tree Seedlings Wholesale - Perfect For Restoration Plantings from Tn Nursery

If you’re wondering where to buy cheap tree seedlings online then you’re in the right place. Our tree seedlings are all just $0.89. Yes, you read that right, they’re not even a dollar! All you have to do to secure that great price is buy at least 100 seedlings.

Our tree seedlings are the highest quality and are great for large planting projects. In fact, some really high profile customers have trusted us to provide beautiful plants for their most important projects. For example, our plants have been planted at the Washington Monument, 9-11 crash sites, Arlington National Cemetery and Trump Plaza. Just imagine what you could do with some.

Tree Seedlings - high-quality trees grown in the heart of nursery country

Are you a retail nursery looking for quality trees with which to stock your shelves? Our tree seedlings are perfect for that purpose. You can pot them up and grow them to the exact size your customers prefer.

We grow all our seedlings on our farm here in Tennessee (over 3500 acres) so you can be sure they’re the best quality. And with such a great range of deciduous and evergreen trees, you’re sure to find species and varieties that your customers will love.

Gorgeous trees for your large-scale planting project

Have you got a big planting project on the cards? Maybe you’re reforesting an area or rehabilitating damaged land. Or maybe you’re creating a beautiful green space for lots of people to enjoy. Or perhaps you need windbreaks on your farm.

Whatever your large-scale planting project is, we’ve got a great selection of tree seedlings to suit your soil, climate and purpose. We’ve even got edible species!

Picture a field full of oaks decked out in their brightest red leaves during fall. Imagine being immersed in that fresh pine scent when you stroll through a forest of majestic pine trees. Can you envision serving fresh acorn pancakes drizzled with aromatic maple syrup both of which were made from oaks and sugar maples on your property? All of these things are possible when you purchase our affordable tree seedling.

Pro tip 1:

Many trees will grow faster and be less likely to be damaged if you stake them when they’re seedlings. If you support your tree seedlings with stakes, be sure to secure your seedlings only loosely so they have plenty of room to bend and sway but can’t bend so far that they’ll snap. This is the best way to help your seedlings grow strong, healthy trunks.

It’s also a good idea to use a soft tie for the job (stockings work well). If you use anything that’s too coarse, your trees can get damaged as they rub on the tie.

Pro tip 2:

Tree seedlings are more fragile than larger tree specimens so it’s vital you handle them with care when you’re transporting and transplanting them but most especially when you’re removing them from their containers. To make this task easier, submerge your new seedlings in water and soak them there for at least half an hour before removing them from their containers.

For even better results, soak your seedlings in a dilute seaweed solution. This will prevent transplant shock, help your seedlings settle into their new homes more quickly and will get them growing faster.

So if you need high-quality tree seedlings for your project or business, our seedlings are highly affordable and are grown in the best location. Buy yours today for just $89 per 100 seedlings.

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