NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Tree Seedlings

Planting trees is a great way to combat climate change. There are many reasons why people choose planting trees as an environmentally friendly practice. One of them is because they're beneficial for the environment by providing shade from the sun and absorbing carbon dioxide from the air while releasing oxygen back into it. Trees also provide habitats for birds and animals to have homes where they can thrive in peace without being bothered by humans or predators such as cats or dogs. In addition, some species of trees produce fruits that attract bees so that their populations don't decline due to a lack of poll. Tree Seedlings are perfect for restoration plantings, to plant for timber production, and also restoration.

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Tree Seedlings

Purchase Tree Seedlings Wholesale - Perfect For Restoration Plantings from Tn Nursery

If you're wondering where to buy cheap tree seedlings online, then you're in the right place. Our tree seedlings are all just $0.89. Yes, you read that right; they're not even a dollar! All you have to do to secure that great price is buy at least 100 seedlings.

Our tree seedlings and plants are of the highest quality and are great for large planting projects. Some high-profile customers have trusted us to provide beautiful plants for their most important projects. For example, our plants have been planted at the Washington Monument, 9-11 crash sites, Arlington National Cemetery, and Trump Plaza. Just imagine what you could do with some.

It may come as a surprise to everyday people, but logging companies to clear-cut timber and replant tree seedlings has both environmental and financial benefits.

From an environmental standpoint, the practice allows sunlight and nutrients to reach the soil better. Clear-cutting also opens the door to improved land management because tree seedlings can be planted to ensure the forest does not become overgrown with dry underbrush. Dead plant life and congested forests create dangerous wildfire conditions. A smartly managed forest improves the conditions for plants and wildlife to flourish.

The other side of the coin is that Tennessee landowners often need to generate income from their properties, and timber harvesting ranks among the best options. A healthy forest can generate more than a thousand dollars per acre. That revenue helps pay the taxes and eliminates the need to turn the state's bountiful greenery into commercial or residential developments. It may seem counterintuitive, but clear-cutting timber and planting tree seedlings rank among the best sustainable practices.

Savvy land management requires property owners to select tree seedlings from a healthy plant nursery and deliver a robust yield. These are things to consider when making wholesale seedling purchases from our TN nursery.

Tree Seedlings Varieties from a TN Nursery

Softwoods such as pines have become tried-and-true trees for logging purposes. Pine tree seedlings are among the fastest-growing, and some varieties shoot up by 1-2 feet annually. The tree seedlings landowners can purchase at wholesale prices from our TN nursery include the following.

  • Southern Yellow Pine: This tree is widely considered one of the most prized by timber companies and property owners. It grows to heights exceeding 110 feet and adapts well to clay soils in Tennessee.
  • Ponderosa Pine: This variety tends to thrive in sandy soil bases when others might not do well. It's a tall, slim type that requires plenty of water and the tree seedlings prefer the partial shade of mountains or hillsides.
  • Red Maple: Landowners who engage in environmentally sound logging practices learn that hardwood trees are generally more valuable than fast-growing pines. Woodgrain density and short supply generally drive up values. They can reach 15-20 feet heights within a few years and mature at 40-50 feet. Red Maples rank among the fastest-growing hardwood tree seedlings available at a TN plant nursery.
  • Tulip Poplar: Another relatively quick-growing hardwood, the Tulip Poplar is prized in residential landscapes for its spring blooms and stunning fall foliage. However, poplar is valued lumber worthy of consideration.
  • Oak Trees: One of the most valuable hardwoods, these tree seedlings are often thought of as slow-growing. But varieties such as the Pin Oak and Willow Oak are among the quicker to mature. When selecting a type of oak, it may be wise to consider high-value timbers such as Red Oak commonly milled into valuable flooring materials.

When choosing tree seedlings from our TN Nursery, experienced landowners typically weigh the time it takes for a particular variety to mature against the lumber's value. But regardless of your choice, purchasing tree seedlings from a local plant nursery remains a positive environmental step that helps prevent wildfires and maintains the state's natural greenery. If you plan to clear-cut tracts of land, visit our website at %%GLOBAL_ShopPathSSL%%/tree-seedlings-for-sale-Wholesale/ and save money on wholesale tree seedlings.


Tree Seedlings - high-quality trees grown in the heart of nursery country

Are you a retail nursery looking for quality trees with which to stock your shelves? Our tree seedlings are perfect for that purpose. You can pot them up and grow them to the exact size your customers prefer.

We grow all our seedlings on our farm here in Tennessee (over 3500 acres), so you can be sure they're the best quality. And with such a great range of deciduous and evergreen trees, you're sure to find species and varieties that your customers will love.

Gorgeous trees for your large-scale planting project

Have you got a big planting project on the cards? Maybe you're reforesting an area or rehabilitating damaged land. Or maybe you're creating a beautiful green space for lots of people to enjoy. Or perhaps you need windbreaks on your farm.

Whatever your large-scale planting project is, we've got a great selection of tree seedlings to suit your soil, climate, and purpose. We've even got edible species!

Picture a field full of oaks decked out in their brightest red leaves during fall. Imagine being immersed in that fresh pine scent when you stroll through a forest of majestic pine trees. Can you envision serving fresh acorn pancakes drizzled with aromatic maple syrup, both of which were made from oaks and sugar maples on your property? All of these things are possible when you purchase our affordable tree seedling.

Pro tip 1:

Many trees will grow faster and be less likely to be damaged if you stake them when they're seedlings. If you support your tree seedlings with stakes, be sure to secure your seedlings only loosely so they have plenty of room to bend and sway but can't bend so far that they'll snap. This is the best way to help your seedlings grow strong, healthy trunks.

It's also good to use a soft tie for the job (stockings work well). If you use anything too coarse, your trees can get damaged as they rub on the tie.

Pro tip 2:

Tree seedlings are more fragile than larger tree specimens, so you must handle them with care when you're transporting and transplanting them but most especially when you're removing them from their containers. To make this task easier, submerge your new seedlings in water and soak them there for at least half an hour before removing them from their containers.

For even better results, soak your seedlings in a dilute seaweed solution. This will prevent transplant shock, help your seedlings settle into their new homes more quickly, and will get them growing faster.

So if you need high-quality tree seedlings for your project or business, our seedlings are highly affordable and are grown in the best location. Buy yours today for just $89 per 100 seedlings.

Tree Seedlings are For Sale from TN Nursery with Low Rates and Quick Shipping