Sheet Moss

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Sheet Moss- Hypnum Hardy Zones- 3-11 Sun or Shade- Shade/Part Shade Mature Height- 6"-24" Mature Width- 4"-36" Bloom Season- Year round Gardener Status- Intermediate
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Hypnum Moss (Sheet Moss) CARPET MOSS

Hypnum moss have some interesting qualities.The next time you walk into a garden, take a look around you.  Over 14,500 species belong to the Plantae kingdom, like moss.  Moss, a plant of the Bryophyta division, is identified through the growth pattern and non-vascular system.  Some classifications include carpet, cushion, upright, or clumping moss.  The benefits of moss are many; it is highly favored in décor and also acts as a fertilizer to new soil.  Hypnum moss is a well-known part of the Hypnaceae family.   Over 20 species exist, with just as many names.  It is recognized as sheet moss, feather moss, carpet moss, fern or log moss, and brocade moss.   Hypnum Moss is preferred by gardeners because of its ability to replace a grass lawn.  Phases of radiant green to yellow green color are expected, with low growing, individual branches that are bristly and sometimes curly.  One characteristic that differentiates hypnum from the rest is the absence of its midrib, or costa. Its high transplant success rate makes this sheet moss an adaptable species; it can grow amongst rock, logs, and other plants. Partial sunlight or shade is preferred.  Sandy or acidic soil provides a thriving environment, especially when planted in the spring.  Some gardeners rely on hardiness zones, geographically marked areas that defines the success of a plants growth.  Hypnum moss has come to be recognized as a botanical preference and be found outdoors or online.  Many mosses can grow in a terrarium as well.  However, remember that Mother Nature always knows best.

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