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Okame Cherry Tree (Prunus okame)

Okame Cherry Tree: Prunus Okame, or the Okame Cherry Tree, is a small, deciduous, ornamental tree that most gardeners purchase from TN Nursery to enjoy the stunning pink springtime blossoms.

The Okame cherry tree is a Japanese native species. It became a favorite American species after Japan gifted these trees to Washington, D.C., in 1912. The gift was a gesture symbolizing Japan's friendship with the United States.

The Okame cherry tree performs best in the warmer USDA growing zones, from the mid-south to the deep south and across the lower midwestern states.

How to Use the Okame Cherry Tree in Your Landscape

The Okame cherry tree is a small size for a tree, reaching a thirty-foot maximum height. It requires full sunshine and about an inch of water per week. Besides some care at planting, the Okame cherry tree is easy to take care of, especially once well-established.

It doesn't mind hot, humid summers. However, it is also drought-tolerant, disease-resistant, and pest-resistant.

Plant this tree as a focal point specimen to accentuate a driveway or sidewalk, as a patio tree, in a pollinator garden, or anywhere you want bountiful blossoms in the spring.

The Breathtaking Charm of the Okame Cherry Tree

The Okame cherry tree is a member of the rose family--more prized as an ornamental than harvesting any fruit.

A single trunk splits into several upright, sturdy branches. The bark is a bronze to red-brown hue with shallow, vertical furrowing.

Flowers have five ray-shaped petals, measure about an inch, and are a rosy, bright pink tint. They bloom profusely for about two to three weeks in the middle of spring and emit a softly floral fragrance.

The leaves emerge after the blossoms drop. Their leaves are petite, under three inches, alternating along the branches and stems.

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TN Nursery suggests the Okame cherry tree for anyone who admires the famous Washington, D.C. cherry blossoms--you can order them to enjoy from the comfort of your home.

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