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Shasta Daisy

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Shasta Daisy



March April


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Shasta Daisy Plant - Say goodbye to boring gardens and hello to gorgeous perennials!

 Shasta daisies are sun thriving perennial flowers with bright white petals, sunny yellow centers, and lush green foliage. Their captivating beauty makes them a perfect choice for any garden. Not only are they easy to establish and maintain, but they will also come back year after year with minimal effort on your part!

Make your garden stand out from the rest with shasta daisy perennials. Their long-lasting blooms add vibrant color and texture to any landscape. Plus, their hardiness ensures that you’ll get years of enjoyment from these fantastic blooms!

Bring beauty and life to your garden with shasta daisy perennials today!

Shasta Daisy: The common shasta daisy is among the most recognizable flowers in a border garden or flower bed. This full-sun loving perennial is easy to grow and take care of. TN Nursery often recommends this flower to beginner gardeners looking for flowers that will bloom without too much fuss.

The shasta daisy is a European native species that flourishes in North America and has become a prevalent species in gardens nationwide. 

Shasta Daisy's artful appearance 

Almost everyone can identify a shasta daisy. This classic garden flower grows in small, attractive clumps approximately two to three feet wide.

The leaves and stems are a satisfying, glossy green, growing about two feet high. This height makes the shasta daisy an ideal option for cutting for an artful bridal bouquet or a casual arrangement in a vase. 

As beautiful as the foliage is, perhaps the most noteworthy feature of this daisy is the telltale bloom. The blossoms have ovate, crisp white petals, sometimes with just a hint of blush pink around the margins. The petals surround a sunny, bright yellow face that lifts its head to the bright sunshine each day.

Shasta daisy blooms from the late spring through the middle of summer. 

How to Use the Shasta Daisy in Your Garden 

The shasta daisy is more than enchanting blooms--they are a workhorse that you can put the fresh white flowers to work to brighten up any part of a sunny garden. 

  • You can grow the shasta daisy in a pollinator garden with other bee-attracting plants like milkweed or butterfly bush.
  • Choose the shasta daisy for a border garden. Its two to three-foot mature height makes it ideal for a middle border row.
  • Plant the shasta daisy in a full-sun garden--it welcomes the sunshine.

How to Grow the Shasta Daisy 

Shasta daisy needs a full-sun or filtered sun location that receives about six to eight hours of daylight daily. Although you can plant the shasta daisy in a shadier place for lovely greenery, it will not bloom in the shade. 

It is cold-hardy and will return every spring. All it needs is fresh mulch in the fall in the coldest regions and fertilizer about twice per year. It is drought-tolerant in the summer; water it only during extended dry spells. 

Shasta Daisy can be purchased from TN Nursery Today. 

The Shasta daisy is a whimsical classic garden species. Order yours from TN Nursery today.

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Randy Goben

Oops. Ok, I now remember the daisy as part of an order with additional plants. The daisy is doing fine.

Jeff Monroe
Shasta Daisy

Seems like decent roots. Will see how they do in spring

Maylee Summers

Package well and received alive!