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Ragwort Plants 3 For $12.99 Description


Ragwort Plants

 Ragwort Plants, or Golden Groundsel, is a perennial native plant in North America. It grows the best in full sun and partial shade yet also tolerates full sun and complete shade.

It acts as an attractive ground cover with gorgeous yellow flowers. The plant belongs to the daisy family. It is typically found in moist soils, swamps, and ravines, along with springs and streams as herbaceous flowering plants.

It grows up to 2 feet in height and 12 to 18 inches in width. The stems grow from ground-level thick spreading mats on which the bright flowers appear. Foliage is basal in an oval shape with rounded toothed edges and maybe up to 4 inches long.

Ragwort flowers are around 1 inch in diameter and bright yellow with 8 to 13 petals on each

The plant has two kinds of leaves that you can easily distinguish from each other. The basal leaves are cordate and orbicular in shape and 2 inches long. The other type of leaves is present along the stalk.

The stem leaves are found alternatively on the stem pinnatifid and are hairless. The leaves usually have a rounded tip and are cordate (heart-shaped). The upper leaves are shorter than the basal ones. The foliage is evergreen, though it might experience a decline in winters. 

The beautiful, daisy-like flowers show in the form of flat-topped clusters on the stems in April and May to provide pollen for cross-pollination.

The flowers are around 1 inch in diameter and bright yellow with 8 to 13 petals each. They are attached to slender stems 10 to 14 inches above the foliage. The stems may be branched, or some stalks form the upper stem together.

The stalks are often hairless, with sparse wooly hair in young plants. Bracts are present at the base of these stalks looking like tiny, sharp scales and have a purple tinge at the tips.

The fruit of this plant is a small round cluster of tiny brown seeds with white hair to facilitate cross-pollination through the wind. The plant grows conveniently through the colonization of roots and becomes a ground cover over little time.

This plant requires wet, well-drained soils to grow adequately. It does not require frequent watering once established. The plant can thrive well until the outer soil is healthy and provides essential nutrients for growth.

It needs proper watering in the first two weeks, and later weekly watering is enough. It requires wet soil to grow appropriately and also tolerates seasonal flooding. 

These plants hold significant aesthetic and wildlife value. The bright flowers attract bees and birds for nectar and pollen. You do not have to worry about any damage to the plant as it is not particularly susceptible to diseases.

It is also deer and rabbit resistant, saving your pretty ground covers. Buy Golden Ragwort, the perfect ground cover and rain-scaping plant with bright golden flowers for added beauty.

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Reviews (2)

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    Posted by Lawrence Philipps on Jan 12, 2022

    The plant is in very healthy condition , it has many small flowers . Good buy

  • 5
    Southern Ragwort plants

    Posted by Amanda Sitz on Aug 27, 2019

    these look great with the other wildflowers


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