Fruit Trees


Fruit Trees


There may be no more satisfying experience than harvesting fresh fruits, berries, and nuts from your backyard fruit trees. While growing fresh fruits and nuts can be a bit of a long game to the first harvest, the species are long-lived and will give you many years of abundance.


Besides the bountiful harvest each season, these species are beneficial. They provide cooling shade, attract pollinators, and make an attractive feature for your garden.


We Ship Bare Root Fruit Trees


TN Nursery ships bare root fruit trees to help ensure you receive the healthiest plants and reduce our environmental impact. The fruit trees you receive are dormant (or sleeping) but ready to plant. We dig each order fresh, prep the bare roots for shipment, and send our orders promptly.


What Are the Best-Selling Fruit Trees at TN Nursery?


TN Nursery customers love our wide assortment of fruit trees and often purchase them based on growing regions. Almost all our plants are suitable for many USDA plant hardiness zones. Still, a few take a particular shine to specific locations--that's why we help our customers by offering them suggestions according to zone!


Here are a few customer-favorite nut and fruit trees:


  •        Lowbush blueberry: Blueberries grow best in the moderately cool USDA growing zones. This bush stays relatively short, with lovely green foliage. Of course, most grow it to harvest the plump, juicy blueberries for its many nutritional benefits. It's a forest native species, growing with almost no help from you.
  •        Wild plum tree: The wild plum tree is small, topping out at 20 to 25 feet. It grows beautifully in most of the United States and is a species with a lovely shape and profuse springtime blossoms. The fruit is slightly tart and makes excellent jams or preserves.
  •        Paw paw tree: A southern state favorite, the paw paw flourishes in the moderately warm USDA plant hardiness zones. It grows to a pleasing 20-foot height and forms a lovely, dome-shaped crown. As a North American native species, these fruit trees need little care. The fruit ripens fast and has a soft, creamy texture and delightful flavor.
  •        Elderberry tree: These fruit trees have a lovely shape, dense canopy, and fragrant white spring blossoms. The berries ripen in the late summer--many of our customers grow them for birdwatching.


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