NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Food Plot Plants

In addition to more common animals like deer, forage plants will attract turkey and geese. These plants have been chosen intentionally to promote wildlife and easily to your property. The River Cane Plant not only stays green and lively all year round, but it can also be a helpful device for privacy in your yard. Whitetail deer and other creatures like butterflies love to frequent River Cane Plants. Additionally, the white flowers of the Pokeweed Plant give it some distinction. The Pokeweed plant attracts songbirds like the mockingbird and can quickly bring that delight into your day-to-day life.

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Food Plot Plants

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Generally speaking, there are two wide varieties of birding plants that are typically for sale. One being plants that bear fruit like berries which serve as a food source, and the other being bushes and shrubbery in which birds can make a home. Different types of grass can also help attract birds as they provide seeds to feed on. For instance, during springtime, the gorgeous and floral Kousa Dogwood tree produces sweet berries that are a favorite of birds and other animals alike to snack on. The Blue Phlox Plant is another widespread plant that will promote wildlife wherever planted. The vibrant color of the Blue Phlox Plant will certainly attract wildlife such as curious hummingbirds, even some butterflies. As mentioned before, grasses can also be a haven and provide nesting materials or seeds for food for many varieties of birds. A Little Blue Stem Grass is an example of a plant that can promote wildlife on your property by attracting songbirds to its seeds. 


 Berry Plants


 If you are interested in producing berries for your recipes or attracting wildlife, many plants can easily be planted to grow seeds. A boysenberry bush is a good option if you seek to attract wildlife due to its delicious fruit. The boysenberries draw attention from squirrels and other small animals like chipmunks. If you are trying more of a thrill from your plants, you could plant a Box Huckleberry bush. These dark blue berries will often attract animals like bears, so be sure they are at a safe distance from your home. If bears are not what you are searching for, an acorn can provide an enjoyable alternative. The miracle of the acorn being from such humble origins into a majestic tree is truly a wonder of nature. Of course, acorn trees also provide a secure shelter for many creatures like birds and small mammals. If you want to save the acorns or plant another tree, act fast because the squirrels quickly take them first. 



 The food plot plants used as food by various animals like rabbits and deer are called food plots or forage plants.