Cotton Wood Tree

Cotton Wood Tree

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Populus Deltoides Hardy Planting Zones- 1-7 Mature Height- 120+ feet Mature Width- 75-85 feet Bloom Season- Spring Sun or Shade- Sun
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Cotton Wood Tree - Size is 1-3 Feet in Height

The Cotton Wood tree's seeds resemble cotton tufts, a feature that is responsible for the plant's name. With over ten species available throughout the United States, the tree is known by other names and is frequently referred to as a poplar tree. It is a member of the willow family and is frequently found growing near water. This deciduous tree's leaves are bright yellow in autumn and bright green in spring and summer. The leaves flit in the wind. This attribute makes it an attractive plant that is also used for shade. Indigenous to the United States, this tree survives in many regions, most notably in the Plains states where few other trees thrive. 
Aside from the billowing seeds and dancing leaves, the tree is known for its practical uses, both historically and in the present. When not found in a landscape or natural setting, this hardwood tree is grown for pallets and paper. Historically it was used for buildings, canoes, medicinal teas and forage as well as for shelter and shade.The tree's bark is rutted, rough and takes on a silver tone. This feature, along with the plant's immense crown, provides dramatic winter silhouettes. However the tree's grand size requires space to grow and access to water. it It is easy to care for once established.The cotton wood tree spreads by seed but they also self-propagate. Limbs that fall in water will sprout and form other trees. Cottonwood trees, which are also called poplars, belong to the Aigeros section of the genus Populus. They are also members of the willow family, Salicaceae. There are three species in the Aigeros section: the eastern cottonwood (P. deltoides), the black poplar (P. nigra), and Fremont’s cottonwood (P. fremontii).The black poplar is found in Europe and western Asia, while the other two trees are native to North America. The eastern cottonwood is one of the biggest trees in North America and can grow to be 130 feet tall. The other two trees are somewhat smaller but can still be over 100 feet tall. Cottonwood trees are deciduous, and they can tolerate erosion and flooding.


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