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Wholesale Plants Offered at TN Nursery

TN Nursery is currently offering surplus plants at wholesale prices. While there is a minimum quantity required, the prices are extremely low and provide excellent value for those who require a large quantity of a single item. As these are items that we have in abundance, they tend to sell out quickly. Please note that our wholesale items in this category do not come with the normal 1-year warranty. We do guarantee that they will arrive in excellent condition and will be ready for use upon arrival.

Premium Grower Prices

TN Nursery has been around since 1959. We started out strictly wholesale, then in 2012 due to popular demand from homeowners we started selling at low retail prices for those wanting one or two plants. It was such a success that overwhemled us to the point we've almost stopped selling wholesale due to our inventory selling so rapidly. But we've added this category to enable people to buy a lot of plants at a low grower price.

Priced Usually at or below our cost

Our wholesale plants are priced at or below our costs. Most of the time, selling these surplus lots at grower prices, we do not have to replant them for the next season. This saves us a lot of time and money, especially in the busy spring shipping season when we need to be focused on digging and shipping plants our customers are eagerly awaiting.