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Redbud Tree

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Redbud Tree



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Redbud Tree

Redbud Tree: Cercis canadensis, the American Redbud Tree, is a showstopping beauty that announces the arrival of springtime--and warmer days ahead--with a show of profuse, unapologetically bright pink flowers.

The redbud tree is a native species in the United States that grows in most moderate-temperature USDA growing zones. It is a beautiful specimen that gardeners and landscapers love. Landscape professionals often order this tree from TN Nursery to add an organic element along sidewalks, in boulevards, and near intersections. Homeowners prize it as a focal point or an understory tree to pair with taller trees in the landscape.

Other Common Names for Cercis canadensis

You might also hear gardeners refer to the redbud tree by these additional common names:

  • American redbud tree
  • Eastern redbud
  • American Judas tree
  • Judas tree
  • Mexican redbud
  • Texas redbud

Redbud Tree Is Easy to Love

Because of its widespread growing range and popularity, the redbud tree is one of the best-sellers at TN Nursery. Whether you want to plant it to attract early pollinators in the spring or as a specimen in a formal garden, you will love the easygoing nature of this tree.

It is well-suited as an understory tree near taller trees, as it prefers a mixture of sun and shade. Once it establishes a robust root system, it is drought-tolerant, cold-tolerant, and heat-tolerant.

When you plant your young redbud tree, you should expect to give it a little help, mainly sufficient watering in the hottest part of the summer. It needs an inch or two to strengthen before winter. In the fall, give your redbud tree an inch-layer of mulch around the base to tuck it in before cold temperatures arrive--that's particularly essential in the colder regions. By the third year, your redbud tree will be relatively carefree, except for twice-yearly fertilization and occasional trimming.

The Lovely Appearance of the Redbud Tree

Most people choose the redbud for its abundance of flowers that arrive in the spring--dainty pea-shaped fairy flowers that grow in large, showy clusters.

But after the spring, the tree becomes a lovely addition, reaching a mature height of twenty to thirty feet tall and around twenty feet wide. It has an open canopy, delicate and beautiful branches, and heart-shaped green leaves that turn yellow in the fall.

Order Your Redbud Tree From TN Nursery

The American redbud is a good-looking, all-around tree! Order from TN Nursery today.

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Mike Morel

Redbud Tree

Nathaniel Aker
Redbud Tree

Best packaged tree that I've every purchased. Tree still had moisture in the bag. Looking forward to watching this tree thrive.

High Quality Red Bud Trees! Fair Price. 24 out of 25 growing after 5 weeks.

Top quality & Fair Price. TN's Nursery sent me 25 Red Bud Trees. Well packed. Fast shipping. All 25 were bare root and after about 5 weeks, 24 out of 25 have grown beautiful new leaves. The 25th looks alive.

John Henry
Good trees

Shipped fast and were in good shape.

Daniel Bair

Redbud Tree