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Do You Love To Garden? | What to Know |

There seems to be a month or special day for almost everything

You can imagine, such as; hug your neighbor day, craft day, gardening day, gardening month, reading day, library month, and blueberries month. There is always a day or month for everything!

Did you know that national garden month is celebrated in April? April seems to be the prime time for gardeners to get their stuff in gear, and they prepare to plant and play in the dirt.

Instead, they want to make an herb garden or vegetable garden or visit a local nursery or greenhouse. It is all in celebration of National garden month.

We all are familiar with homegrown foods and vegetables but do we take the time to grow them ourselves, or do we go the simple route and buy them from a local fresh market or neighbor? Gardening is fun and can be simple if you know the how-tos of gardening. During National Garden month, you can visit a local nursery or greenhouse to help you get your vegetable or herb garden growing so you can take pride in what you grow right on your porch, backyard, or even on your window sill.

Who doesn’t love fresh, organic herbs and vegetables?

Now there are many ways that you can plant and grow them yourself. From the time they are tiny, small babies until they are grown big and strong, ready to be picked, it is a way to get involved and watch them grow and know you are putting time and effort into preparing fresh herbs or vegetables.

So the next time April rolls around, you can take time to check out your nearby nursery or greenhouse

You can plant an herb garden or vegetable garden or go outside and get to weeding and prepare your ground for the rapid new spring growth, all in part of National Garden Month.