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Berry Plants

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 Berry Plants For Sale at Affordable Prices at Tn Nursery

Are you wondering where to buy berry plants online? Look no further than Tennessee Wholesale Nursery

 We stock a wode range of berry plants that produce absolutely delicious, fragrant berries because we know just how much better berries taste when they’re harvested fresh from the garden.

If your mouth waters at the thought of fresh, sun-warmed strawberries then you’re in good company here and you’ll love our wild strawberry plants. If you’re keen to grow berries that you can’t find in the grocery store, then you’ll be so excited to get your hands on our heritage raspberries and black raspberries. And we’ve got a great range of other delicious berries to choose from too.

Berry Plants are easy to grow with berries not seen on grocery store shelves

Raspberries are one of the most expensive berries to buy from a grocery store. So if you love raspberries then you’ll be pleased to know it’s so much cheaper to grow your own and the berries taste even better. And raspberries are super easy to grow. Just give them a bit of afternoon shade and they’re happy!

And we sell wild type  raspberries and black raspberries. I bet you’ve never seen black raspberries at the grocery store!

Berry Plants produce blackberries, blueberries, boysenberries, and raspberries

Have you ever thought of growing your own blackberries? Now’s your chance. We stock standard blackberry bushes and wild blackberries.

Blueberry plants for sale

Are you wondering where to buy blueberry plants? You’re in the right place. We’ve got several varieties of blueberry plants for sale.

Boysenberry plants for sale

Boysenberries are one of those berries that are really delicate. That makes them hard to harvest commercially. And that means you usually can’t buy them at the grocery store, and if you can, they're super expensive.

That's why you should grow your own. Buy a boysenberry plant now and you’ll soon have enough fresh boysenberries to make your own boysenberry jam. Yum!

Grape vines for sale

Grapes are so versatile. You can eat them, cook with them, make jam with them and of course, you can turn them into wine. So grab a grapevine now and start growing your own grapes.

Huckleberry plants for sale

Huckleberries are a quintessential, American berry. Why not grow your own?

Dewberry plants for sale

If you’ve never eaten a dewberry, you are missing out. Their simply stunning flavor is a real treat. Buy a plant now and experience the joys of homegrown dewberries for yourself.

Strawberry plants for sale

We would argue that eating sun-warmed, sun-ripened strawberries is one of life’s best experiences. And when strawberries are so easy to grow, why should you miss out? Buy a wild strawberry plant now and start experiencing this most elemental of joys now.

Affordable berry plants for your zone

No matter where in the US you live, we have berry plants that are not only rated for your hardiness zone but also adapted to the USDA hardiness zone you garden in. What does this mean? Well, while other nurseries stock plants that are known to grow ok in a given zone, we actively seek out propagation stock that has adapted to an individual zone over a number of generations. We then take that propagation stock back to our nursery in Tennessee and nurture it until it’s a mature size, thus growing new plants that have adapted to that specific hardiness zone. We do this for every USDA hardiness zone that’s represented in the US.

When you place your order, we go out into the field and select individual plants that are adapted to the climate in your zone. That way you can be confident that your plant is not only rated for your zone but that it is well-adapted to your climate. So, no matter whether you garden in zone three, zone 11 or somewhere in between, we’ve got hardy berry plants that can thrive in your climate.

And because we grow most of our berry plants ourselves, when you buy from us you’re cutting out the middle man. That means you get low grower prices every day.

So if you want to save money on berries and get tastier berries to boot, all our berry plants produce delicious berries at a fraction of the price of buying berries from the grocery store.

Berry Plants For Sale from TN Nursery with Low Rates and Quick Shipping