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Berry Plants

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Berry Plants & Bushes

Berry plants work well to create natural fences or borders. Small berry plants can serve as good ground cover in landscaping. Edible berry plants produce fruit to be enjoyed fresh or in the fall and winter as jellies and jams. Berry plants are available as small plants called bushes or shrubs.

When it comes to enhancing your property with pretty berry bushes, not only are you getting hardy, colorful fruits but an edible landscape. When most think of berries, they probably imagine the popular ones like blueberry, strawberry, and raspberry. However, there are numerous other berry-producing bushes like the more exotic mulberry, currants, gooseberry, and elderberry.Berry bushes, in general, can grow delicious, appealing fruits as long as you follow some berry basics. These perennials are easy to cultivate and resistant to most diseases and rarely require spraying for pests, which is always welcome news to a property owner.Before planting, it's helpful to incorporate rich organic matter into the soil. Berry bushes prefer well-drained soil and also need to be mulched with shredded leaves every year.

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Berry Plants Are Fun & Easy To Care For & Maintain

Pruning often through the season will maintain each cane as productive as possible. These fruit plants grow in a variety of zones, so there is a berry bush ideal for any part of the country. Berry bushes are a much more manageable landscaping project than introducing their fruit-bearing orchard cousins like apple, peach and pear trees.


Berry plants are also efficient in space and mixing varieties for cross-pollination is unnecessary


Berry bushes can deliver beautiful landscaping accents to a property in the way of attractive hedges or as foundation plants that welcome the visitor to one's door. For example, some raspberry and blueberry varieties make beautiful shrubs to blend into a perennial border or as a low-growing flower bed.Gooseberry bushes, for instance, can be grown into attractive, edible hedges that resemble friendly fences and define the property line. These hedges also block out an unsightly view, if needed. Gooseberry hedges can grow quite widely, so people would not be able to jump over them.Berry bushes are a super choice to add beauty to one's landscape all year long. When cared for properly, these edible plants last for years and years, so the investment is a sound one.

Berry Plants