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Ground Cover Package Deals include different varieties of ground covers

Pro tip:

While you wait for your new ground covers to spread and fill their allotted space, cover any bare soil with an organic mulch that will decompose quickly (lucerne is a good choice). This will protect your soil and plant roots until your ground cover plants have expanded and the organic mulch will also fertilize the soil as it breaks down.

So if you want to grab an awesome deal on a living mulch, all our ground cover package deals are jam-packed with beautiful plants that will fill all those bare patches of soil with greenery. Buy yours today from $19.99.

The Advantages of Planting Ground Covers (for our use- package deals)

Ground covers are one of a gardener’s favorite tools. These mosses, ivies and other plants add variety to a landscape, grow in areas too shady for grass, prevent soil erosion, offer weed control, and provide an attractive transition between shrubs and lawns. In addition to these valuable benefits, they give beautification to any garden or yard.


Preventing Soil Erosion


Ground cover is particularly beneficial in steeply sloping areas that are tough to mow and prone to erosion. These plants can hold soil and slow runoff, reducing erosion, and their leaves minimize soil compaction by absorbing the impact of falling raindrops. Water is further absorbed by organic matter, making ground cover particularly useful for areas that get plenty of rain.


Providing Weed Control


Your beloved plants deserve to grow and thrive without being choked by weeds, and ground cover provides an attractive solution. Planting ground cover is an attractive alternative to breaking your back, trying to pull weeds when they spring up or applying potentially harmful chemicals to your garden beds, and it is useful. The carpet of vegetation created by ground cover stops weed seeds from germinating, and once it is established, it will generally spread quite freely and is easy to divide. This will give you a good stock of weed-preventing plants to use throughout your garden.


Beautification for Your Yard


Ground cover plants are hardworking and dependable, but they can also be quite beautiful and add texture, color, or visual interest to your garden or flower bed. Whether you prefer a blousy and tall variety or something sleek and low, an aromatic plant or one that tolerates foot traffic well, there is a ground cover for you. From flowering plants to those that thrive in the shade, the seemingly endless varieties of ground cover will all add beauty to your space.

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