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Wisteria Plant Seeds For Sale

Blue Moon Wisteria Shrub

The Blue Moon wisteria shrub is known for her late-blooming character, but she is a long-haul investment. This climbing vine has purple hues and grows to an incredible height in ideal soil and adequate sunlight.

It's an American wisteria cultivar and less aggressive than the Chinese wisteria and starts blooming during June and late spring. It requires regular pruning during late winter for appropriate blooming the following year. This post explains how to grow Blue Moon wisteria shrubs.

How Long Does the Blue Moon Wisteria Shrub Take to Bloom?

Blue Moon blooms in June and takes between 3-5 years after planting to begin blooming. Other varieties may require up to fifteen years. Planting your shrub from the seed may take up to two decades to bloom. Appropriate planting, care as well as pruning will boost this process.

What Are the Ideal Soil Conditions?

Ensure you are planting the wisteria shrub under enough sunlight as partial shade will inhibit flowering. The plants can grow in any soil pH, but the soil should be fertile and well-drained. Add peat moss or a compost heap into the planting site for tolerable conditions. Include a mulch of wood chip to conserve moisture.

In coastal regions with cold and rainy springs, plant the wisteria in an enclosed setting. Since the plant blooms during late summer, it's resistant to the spring cold. This shrub is invasive and grows rapidly, so plant it away from other plants. It can also develop into and onto surrounding structures like garages and houses. Ensure you give her support with a firm structure like metal, pergola, or wooden trellis to support the dense growth during maturity.

Hardy Places Where They Grow

Location is an ideal factor when growing the Blue Moon shrub. Its rapid growth calls for appropriate pruning. An open environment with a lawn surrounding is perfect for its growth. The plant does well in the cold but should receive a lot of sunlight.

This plant grows wild in swampy environments, upland thickets, and river banks. It has fragrant clusters of blue flowers and grows up to 25 feet. It also produces between 6 and 12" of scented flowers. This zone 3 plant gives soft and velvet-like pods that grow up to 5" tall. It thrives in areas between USDA 3 to 9, and the profoundly green and pinnate leaves improve its attractiveness.


This cold-resistant wisteria cultivar does not need much fertilizer. Using a lot of fertilizer can avert or delay pruning. Young Blue Moon plants can merit from a 10-10-10 balanced fertilizer during spring.

Care Tips for Growing Blue Moon

This hardy plant requires adequate cultural nourishment for successful growth. The first twelve months are the most challenging since the young plants require regular staking, feeding, irrigation, trellising, and pruning.

Before growing this lady, water the soil adequately and include sufficient organic material to enrich the soil. Keep the plants in a sunny environment while tidily trained and tied up. After their first bloom, pruning is essential for creating a habit and averting straggle.

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