Wild Ginger Plant

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Asarum Canadensis - Arrow Leaf Ginger-Asarum arifolium Hardy Planting Zones- 2-9 Sun or Shade – Partial to Full Shade Mature Height - 6-8" Mature Width- 6-15" Bloom Season – Spring and Summer Gardener Status- Beginner

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Wild Ginger Plant - Asarum canadense

Wild Ginger Plant  is made into a powder or oil form and is added to teas to help with poor circulation in the winter months. The roots of this plant are where all of the medicinal qualities lie. The wild ginger makes the excellent ground cover as the beautiful heart-shaped leaves spread out. The Wild Ginger leaves are glossy and evergreen in color. Wild Ginger Plant can be used for cooking. The flowers will peek through the leaves to add to the beauty of this plant. Most herbs are a purplish brown, but there are times when a reddish or greenish flower will appear. There are many different species of the wild ginger, but all make the beautiful ground cover as they stay low to the ground and fill out very well. They start to appear and grow in early spring. They create an attractive ground cover as they display their mighty green colored leaves. This plant can be seen rising in the eastern part of the United States in wooded and forest areas. The leaves on this plant provide a unique look when they are mature.

Wild Ginger Plant look amazing and offers a very natural look and feel to all gardens and natural areas where they are planted. They usually bloom in April and May each year and brings gorgeous small white flowers that appear to be peeking through the dark colored leaves. These plants are very easy to grow and care for. The Wild Ginger plant is used to treat several things. This plant is an excellent blood thinner and can help reduce angina when the cholesterol is lowered. This plant can also help lower cholesterol. Ginger will also help relieve abdominal cramps. The Ginger plant will also help relieve nausea and will also work great for arthritis.


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Wild Ginger Plant  


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