White Oak Tree

White Oak Tree

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White Oak Trees (Quercus alba)


White Oak Trees: Quercus alba, or the white oak tree, is a deciduous, long-lived hardwood species native to the eastern United States. It grows well across a range of USDA growing zones, covering most of the American landscape.


White oak trees played an essential role throughout American history. The lumber harvested from this species was vital to building homes, barns, early horse wagons, home furnishings, and even barrels. Today's gardeners adore this species for its ample shade and plentiful green foliage.


White oak trees need full sunshine or partially-sunny spot. They like soil containing plenty of woody organic materials, such as mulch, peat moss, leaf litter, or peat moss. Once it establishes roots, it is drought-tolerant, cold-tolerant, and heat-tolerant.


Other Common Names for Quercus alba


Besides white oak trees, some call Quercus alba by the following common names:

  •      Eastern White Oak
  •      Forked-leaf White Oak
  •      Northern White Oak
  •      Quebec Oak
  •      Common Oak


The Towering Size and Lovely Green Beauty of White Oak Trees


White oak trees can grow to sky-scraping heights. Most top out somewhere between seventy to a hundred feet. However, the tallest on record reached 135 feet. The canopy may get as large as eighty feet across, providing plentiful shade.


They also live up to three hundred years or more long. One specimen in Maryland is approximately 450 years old.


White oak tree trunks are whitish or light gray and slightly scaly. The bark forms shallow, attractive furrowing as the tree matures. It will produce acorns at around fifty years old.


Leaves are as large as four inches wide and nine inches long. Each leaf displays a rounded-elliptical shape and even lobes with a wedge-shaped base. The leaf color is bright green with lighter undersides. In the fall, the leaves turn amber, purple, or russet in color, putting on a beautiful display.


White Oak Trees Serve as a Wildlife Refuge


White oak trees attract many backyard critters. Songbirds will nest and raise their fledglings in the cover of the leaves. Bees and pollinator insects will enjoy the shade and pollinate your tree. Once acorns form, chipmunks or squirrels will drop by to enjoy the feast.


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  • 5
    White oak trees

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 23, 2022

    The trees look great

  • 5
    White oak

    Posted by Nick on Nov 03, 2022

    Beautiful trees

  • 4
    White oak

    Posted by Matthew Neufeld on May 13, 2022

    Looks alive hope to turn into a bonsai in the future. Here's to hope.

  • 5
    Favorite tree.

    Posted by Mart Logans on Jan 05, 2022

    I grew up on a farm we had white oaks all over it they are beautiful great trees put swings in.

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