Water-leaf Plants

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Latin Name- Hydrophllum Virginanum Hardy Zone- 4-9 Mature Height- 2ft Width- 1ft Sun Or Shade- Partial Sun

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Water-leaf Plants- Talinum Fruticosum.

Water Leaf plants have special markings sometimes on the leaves that look a lot like drops of water. Water Leaf produce lovely small purple flowers and is a great wildflower plant. They look great in natural areas and can grow to become up to two feet tall. These plants flower in May and June and love being in full and partially shaded areas. They thrive when planted in moist soils that are well drained. These plants are fast growers and supply beautiful green color. They are also known as the Virginia Water-leaf.A water-leaf also was known as the tallinum fruticose. Water Leaf plants is a type of herb. Water Leaf plants is also a sprout which is aqua colored. This plant can be cut with any tool or weapon. Water Leaf plants also serve as a vegetable as well. It is rich in Vitamins; it contains both A and B. Also, it includes minerals like calcium and iron. The leaves also taste good in okra soup. This plant also can be used as medicine. Water Leaf plants are used to treat both diabetes and the measles. Also, a medical substance is created from the fleshy root of the water-leaf. When Water Leaf plants bloom in snow or rain its look changes. Water Leaf plants have a larger size and become speckled with aqua leaves. The color of the Water Leaf plants blooms is blue. But no matter what size Water Leaf plants grow it drops 1-3 waterleaf seeds. This plant does have the ability to spread. In the mid-spring, some types of this plant form large colonies in the woods. In the middle of the spring, it spreads by seeds. This plant grows very quickly and long as well. It is often used as a piece of beauty for gardens.

Water-leaf Plants 

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