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Walking Fern 2 For $11.99 Description

Walking Fern 

Walking fern gets its name from the attribute that its new plantlets sprout from wherever the parent plant's arching leaves touch the ground. Hence, the plant's specific nature gives it a walking effect. Therefore, these plants are called Asplenium Rhizophilum, a perennial fern. It is a group of low leaves that are simple and different from any other fern form. They are smooth and dark to medium green in appearance.

They grow naturally on moss-covered rocks near streams, fallen tree trunks, limestone ravines, and sandstone ravines.

These plants are best grown in humid conditions with light to plentiful shade. As it grows off its parent plants hence prefers rocky or thin soil. The leaves are slightly leathery, and the tips can boost into the ground, producing a new group of plants surrounding the mothering plant. They form colonies and are often seen in groups in nature. It is native to the Ozarks and Appalachian mountains in North America and East Asia.

Walking Fern is ideal for supporting the ecosystem and creating a natural look in your garden

The leaves of this plant can grow up to 14 inches in length, making for a long and exquisite plant. The dark green leaves sprout from the single parent plant, and they reproduce sexually through their spores-bearing structures or sometimes vegetative.

They are wild specimens found all over the country, thriving in state and natural parks. It takes up to 5 centuries to adapt to a particular rock. Its roots extend into all tiny pockets around the rock, modifying the soil beneath the moss. No other fern creates a symbiotic relationship similar to this.

This plant supports the ecosystem and creates a natural look in your garden. Its leaves are narrow, long, and evergreen undivided fronds, which curve back into the ground roots to grow naturally in tufts. The lower part of its leaves is evergreen, but the leaves are brown at the base of the plant. The fertile leaves are almost similar to the infertile leaves, but the fertile leaves are relatively larger.

These plants are challenging to establish in a landscape setting, but once they are set, they become very hardy ferns that will spread nicely on their own. This fern is one of the 15 evergreen species we look forward to seeing every spring. It is worth a walk without skis or snowshoes. Searching for ferns is a spring ritual for many people across the Niagara escarpment in grey county Wisconsin.

The plant has an exciting connection with humans. It is one of the most widely recognized ferns in Missouri. It is easy to spot since it grows on contrasting green, moss-covered boulders. Hikers and float trippers find this cute tiny plant a lovely companion.

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Reviews (2)

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    Posted by Marty Twort on Jan 13, 2022

    I highly recommend TN Nursery. Their plants are beautiful, come at a good level of growth, and are well cared for before being shipped out.

  • 5

    Posted by Lisa on Jan 08, 2022

    My garden is transformed to this natural look with the fern flourishing around. I so love the green effect.

    I had the best choice of supplier for the fern i want to have and I credit that to TN nursery. They have the best selections of this kind.


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