Toadshade Trilliums

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Sessile Trillium is also called the Toadshade Trillium. It grows well in climate zones 4-8 and also blooms during the spring. It has three petals that appear purple or dark burgundy when grown which is the flower.
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Sessile Toad Shade Trillium

Toad Trillium or Toadshade Trillium is native to the United States and the Ozarks. Toadshade is often found growing in moist, rich wooded areas, flood plains, along fence rows, and limestone woods. Toadshade likes partial shade but really likes the early spring sun to start the growing process. It is a smaller Trillium. They begin to bloom from April until June with a gorgeous red, crimson, or purple flower that never fully opens and forms a contrasting spike while sitting in the middle of three large leaves. This plant is unique as the flower has no stem and sits right on top of the leaves, creating contrast. The leaves themselves are green, grey-green, silver, or multicolored. They are known for their mottled coloring and sharp contrast to the flower in the center. Toad Trilliums are relatively easy to plant and maintain but are slower to spread. They make up for this by living for 20+ years! This plant is very popular for homeowners as it is used to line gardens and create a gorgeous shade garden. These plants look great when used in a shade garden for their eye catching patterns, bold color, and large spike flower. They do very well in smaller groups. Toadshade does extremely well when planted in their climate zones. Toad trillium, or Trillium sessile, is a shade-loving member of the Lily family that flowers in spring. The plant is easily recognized by the whorl of three leaves atop a sturdy stem. The stem ranges from light green to reddish tinged and reaches up to 12 inches tall at maturity. The leaves are usually light green, but are sometimes a mottled mixture of light green, dark green and white. Toad trillium, also called sweet Betsy and toadshade trillium, is often used in mass plantings, woodland plantings and wildflower gardens. In the wild, toad trillium is found growing in areas with dappled sunlight or partial shade.