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Common Fern Moss - Thuidium Delicatulum 4a to 8a Partial Sun to Medium Shade 4" to 16" tall Several Inches Wide Spring Growing Season Beginner Status
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Thuidium Fern Moss is an enchanting and easy-to-grow member of the moss family, Thuidium fern moss (Thuidium delicatulum), also known as delicate fern moss, makes an attractive ground cover or accent. This moss is appreciated for its velvety texture and distinctive foliage structure. Each stem resembles a tiny fern frond, hence the name. In growth habit, it forms a loose, spreading mat that resembles a luxurious carpet of tiny ferns. The color is vibrant and can range from an intense, deep green to a bright, yellowish-green. Widely distributed in woodlands and shaded wetland areas across North America, Alaska, Europe, Siberia, Asia, Mexico, and South America, Thuidium fern moss is a perennial that prefers moist, shaded soil or humus and will happily adorn rocks, logs or stumps. It thrives in an extraordinarily wide range of temperature zones. Thuidium moss in the garden is appreciated by songbirds, being an excellent nesting material for species such as the barn swallow, cedar waxwing and American robin. This material is also popular with horticulturalists as a lining for hanging pots and a substrate for orchid raising, while the live moss is a superb addition to terrarium collections.Planted in moist, shady areas of the garden, Thuidium fern moss is an excellent choice for creating a moss lawn or accenting a water feature. This versatile moss also makes a delightful accent for logs, rocks, banks or stone walls, and can be useful planted alongside pathways, between stepping stones and around the base of trees. Fern moss establishes easily and spreads quickly. Once established, it is a tough grower and can become somewhat tolerant of drier conditions. However, like all moss, it will thrive best with consistent moisture and reward the gardener with a lush green carpet year-round.

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