Spruce Pine Trees

Spruce Pine Trees

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Latin Name- Pinus glabra Hardy Planting Zone- 8-9 Mature Height- 60-90 ft Width- 30-40 Sun or Shade- Prefers Full Sun to Full Shade.


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Spruce Pine Tree- Pinus glabra

Spruce Pine Trees is a widely grown evergreen known best for its almost perfect conical growing habits. This tree is the most commonly grown tree used for Christmas Trees. A Pine spruce tree currently holds the world’s oldest tree record. These trees wood can be used in building many types of furniture and even in some musical instruments like guitars. Spruce Pine Trees grow best in areas where the summer is long, hot, and humid, and where the winters are not too cold. This tree grows shorter than other trees and can tolerate the shade from more massive trees that shadow it. The Spruce Pine tree can be found growing naturally in swamps and near riverbanks. They thrive when planted in moist and well-drained soils They supply beautiful green color all year as they display their beautiful pine needles. These trees can be grown and used as wonder Christmas trees for a home. They are very hardy trees, and the wood of these trees can be used a lot in building items. It is also used to make paper. These trees are beautiful when added to a lawn, or even a more extensive natural are. They look outstanding as they can also be decorated during the holidays. Growing almost exclusively in the warm, humid areas of the southeastern United States, the spruce pine (Pinus glabra) is a little-known and little-grown tree in cultivation.Spruce pines are usually found as a single specimen growing among other pines and hardwoods in woodland areas. They thrive on acidic sandy loam soils with lots of organic matter and often grow well in poorly drained soil, areas with a high water table, areas that are sometimes waterlogged or along stream banks
The needles of spruce pine are only one and a half to four inches long, slender and flexible. The cones are roughly and a reddish-brown color.



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Spruce Pine Trees

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