Smooth Sumac

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Smooth Sumac Description

Smooth Sumac 

Smooth sumac is a U.S.-indigenous plant used primarily as emergency food for wildlife in the wintertime. Its species also serve as great organic decorative plants and shrubbery due to vivid crimson foliage that appears during each year’s fall season.

Mature Height

It rarely exceeds 10 to 15 feet, with each limb having compound leaves that can reach a total length of 24 inches at full maturity. Young leafage is narrow or round at the base and extends to tips that graduate into sharp points with fine-toothed edges. 

Smooth Sumac Bloom Period and Color 

Plant Description:

These plants thrive in various temperate and subtropical regions scattered across the world. They are native to many places in North America, Africa, and Asia. They are beautiful plants that begin with large clusters of flowers in the spring, which transform into beautiful right red foliage come fall time. These bright red clusters of berries blossom in the fall and last until the winter months.  Sumac comes in a variety of types.

It is a versatile plant that thrives in any well-drained soil. It’s bright red color (and, in some cases, orange or yellow depending on the plant sub-type).

Its bright, beautiful array of colors makes it a valuable addition to any group of landscaping plants. These plants grow in excess of 8-12 feet at maturity (sometimes growing as long as 15 feet). Among the uses of the fruit from these trees are beverages and spices. They can also be used for dyes, and at one point, sumac was used for medicinal purposes as well.  The plants are known for their beautiful colors, their useful fruits, and their hospitality to wildlife.

These factors combine to make it a popular choice among landscapers and gardeners and add a wonderful splash of color to an existing landscape color palette. If you’re interested in a plant that puts on a beautiful show year-round, look no further than the sumac plant. 


Leaflets are dark green with smooth top surfaces and pale underneath, except areas located along the midrib. Small clusters of yellow flowers with a greenish tint bloom in June and July, then bear fruit that matures between August and September. Such fruit has a compact head clustered with round, crimson, hairy fruits called drupes.

Each drupe is usually about ¼-inch wide and contains one seed inside an inner core. Every drupe cluster may contain 100 to 700 seeds. These plants must be three to four years old before they can bear fruit, however. 

Soil Requirements

Some plants are highly resistant to drought conditions and are often found along roadsides, fence rows, railroad rights-of-way, and in open fields or burnt-out grassy areas with gravelly or sandy soil. These are also extremely tolerant of slightly acidic soil with textures that range from coarse to very fine.

Hardy Planting Hints

The seed germination is enhanced by passing through the digestive tracts of rabbits, quail, and ring-necked pheasant birds. The close proximity of fire has also been demonstrated to increase germination. These tree stands are best maintained with the elimination of competing for vegetation by mowing, chemically treating, or burning adjacent areas.

As plants are shade intolerant and don’t compete with invading trees, the growth is rarely seen beneath closed canopies. There is currently no known special cultivar(s) for these species. For most relevant information regarding ideal planting times in your specific location, contact a local Cooperative Extensive Service field office or state agriculture department.


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    Posted by Yolanda Takahashi on May 03, 2022

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    Smooth Sumac

    Posted by Burt Roberts on Jan 10, 2022

    Superb and quality product plus great service!


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