River Birch Tree

River Birch Tree

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River Birch Tree (Betula nigra)


River Birch: Betula nigra, or the river birch, is a medium-sized, easy-growing, multi-trunked tree that is a native species to the central, eastern, and southern United States.


They flourish across the warmer USDA growing zones. They prefer a hot and humid summer climate and consistently moist soil. However, they will also tolerate short dry spells. If you face that challenge, your river birch tree would appreciate a nice drink from a soaker hose.


In nature, it grows along river beds and in fertile flood plains. Try to recreate those conditions when you plant your river birch. So find a partially sunny spot and add a generous scoop of peat moss, mulch, or compost to promote vigorous root growth.


The river birch makes a gorgeous addition to your water garden, pond, or near streams on your property.


Some Additional Names for Betula nigra


Besides river birch, here are some other familiar names you may hear to describe this species:

  •      Black Birch
  •      Red Birch
  •      Weeping River Birch
  •      Water Birch


The Graceful Beauty of the River Birch Tree


The river birch is a beautiful and graceful species with a multi-trunked, oval formation. The crown is rounded, well-shaped, and pleasing to the eye.


The bark of the trunk and branches is silvery-gray to light brown and smooth on younger trees. As the river birch matures, the bark exfoliates in papery strips, which adds an interesting textural element.


River birch leaves are generally two to four inches long and under three inches wide. They alternate on the stems, are oval-shaped with a distinct point, and have visible veins.


In the earliest weeks of spring, the river birch produces light green, three-inch, cylinder-shaped flowers.


Order Your River Birch Tree From TN Nursery

TN Nursery proudly produces some of the most robust river birch trees. We dig each plant fresh and ship it quickly to ensure plant health--please place your order today.


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    Can’t wait to watch it grow

    Posted by Belt Nelson on Jan 06, 2022

    Packed well and looks very healthy thanks so much will be ordering again soon.

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