Red Oak Tree

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Latin Name- Quercus rubra Hardy Planting Zone-3-8 Mature Height- 70-100 Width-60-80 Sun or Shade- Full Sun

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Red Oak Tree

Red Oak Tree is a group of trees that covers almost 600 species. The most common of these and most usually reference when the term red oak is used the Northern red oak Quercus rubra, also known as Champion Oak. It is native to North America and is commonly found in almost all geographic regions of the continent, especially however in the northern areas. It is especially prevalent in the eastern and central United States and the Southeastern and South Central Canadian regions.

Red Oak Tree very similar to its southern cousin (indeed they are often planted nearby each other in complementary settings), the southern red oak also known as the Spanish Oak. Forested grown trees have been known to rise as high as 92’ to 141’. Open-grown trees do not reach this height in most cases reaching between 20’ and 50’ in 10-20 year growth period. This tree can live as long as 500 years. Open-grown trees do have a stouter trunk that can grow as thick as 6.6’ in diameter, making a popular choice for large space filler such as oversized backyards. The leaves grow 5-10” long and up to 6” wide. In the fall they color to vibrant red, giving way to deep brown. In the spring they emerge bright pink and can sometimes turn pale white as they expand. By summer they have become to a lush green. The dense canopy makes this a perfect shade tree, and the stable branches and trunks make it a popular choice for treehouses and hammocks. This tree grows fast in its first few years and then slows to a steady rate. It is highly tolerant of drought and is very resilient to insects. It is a beautiful choice as a specimen tree for large gardens and sizable backyards, the later especially if the tree will be a centerpiece item.

Red Oak Tree is a more extensive variety of tree. It will grow best in soils that are well drained in their compositions and will appreciate a full sunlight environment. It will be beautiful for most of the year. With bright green foliage during the summer, the leaves will transform into reds and oranges with the arrival of fall. It becomes a favorite with homeowners quickly. Native to the Eastern United States and Canada, Red Oaks can grow to be over 500 years old. Favorite among landscapers, the Red Oak makes for an attractive focal point in any yard all four seasons of the year. However, these trees burst with crimson hues in the spring and autumn. In the spring, blossoms emerge a vibrant pink or sometimes maroon tone before the leaves take on a mature, dark green or green-yellow hue for the summer. True to its name, the Red Oak puts on another crimson display in the autumn before the leaves turn a neutral, brown hue in the winter. Northern Red Oaks often hold onto their leaves into the winter months for protection from disease. Even when the tree's leaves fall, the Northern Red Oak can still display its attractive bark with its distinctive glossy lines in between the furrows.

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Red Oak Tree

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