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Red Maple Tree (Acer rubrum)


Red Maple Tree: Acer rubrum, formerly Acer sanguineum, or the common name red maple, is an American native deciduous tree species. TN Nursery hears from customers who seek this stunning tree as a shade tree, accent tree, or specimen in their gardens. It grows in almost every region of the contiguous United States.


Other names for the red maple tree include the following:

  •      Carolina Maple
  •      Curled Maple
  •      Scarlet Maple
  •      Soft Maple
  •      Swamp Maple


Where (and How) to Plant Your Red Maple Tree


The red maple tree is relatively easy to care for. You will meet its critical needs when you plant it. It starts with location --select a sunny site that will receive at least six hours of daily sunshine. The partial sun will also suffice, although the colors may be less brilliant.


This species adapts to many soil types but requires the soil to have woody material when you plant it. Think of the growing conditions in its native woods--which makes perfect sense! Amend the soil with hardwood mulch, peat moss, compost, or leaf litter. After planting, you will only need to mulch around the tree once in spring and again in the fall.


Once planted, the seedling needs about an inch of water every week, especially during the hottest summer days. However, the red maple tree will become drought-tolerant after the roots grow strong and healthy.


The Tall and Handsome Looks of the Red Maple Tree


The red maple tree can grow tall--up to 120 feet and with a 50-foot wide canopy. The trunk can be upward of six feet in diameter! It is certainly impressive when it reaches its mature size.


Early spring brings large, showy magenta or bright red flowers that grow in charming clusters. They are a welcome sight and one of the earliest bloomers of spring. The blossoms have a light, floral fragrance that signals the arrival of spring.


The leaves unfurl in a soft green in the spring and deepen to a dark green shade. Leaves are three-lobed and can measure six inches long and two to four inches across. In the later part of the summer, the color changes again to a rich copper or red--giving the tree its name.


Order Your Red Maple Tree From TN Nursery Today


If you want a lovely shade tree that brings bright red color to the autumn landscape, then the red maple tree is an excellent selection. Order from TN Nursery today


Reviews (21)

  • 5

    Posted by Phragmites on Dec 23, 2022

    Surprised with the size of the trees I purchased. Looking forward to spring to see how they bloom.

  • 5

    Posted by Dana Scarbro on Dec 22, 2022

    It has turned very cold in Texas so when the 2 Red Maple's came we put them in a container of potting soil and are keeping them in the house until the weather warms up a little. We've given them a name Kevin and Dana and are keeping watch over them now. Will plant them when the weather warms up and the first frost clears in Texas. Other than that ---does the RED MAPLE HAVE ANOTHER NAME---what kind of RED MAPLE is our trees???

  • 5
    Maple Tree...

    Posted by James on Dec 07, 2022

    It was a simple transaction with reasonable pricing and excellent order communication. The order arrived on time, and the tree was in excellent condition, with very clear plating instructions. Our new Red Maple is proudly planted on the west side of our house, where it will receive plenty of sunlight and water.

    Red Maple Tree

  • 5
    Jus Received the Red Maple...

    Posted by Stephen Walker on Dec 07, 2022

    I had ordered 2 Maple trees and just received them in a good condition. The trees are 100% organic and chemical-free. I will keep on shopping from TNNursery.

    Good luck

  • 5
    Received The Red Maple Tree In Very Good...

    Posted by Jack Smith on Dec 07, 2022

    Received The Red Maple Tree In Very Good Condition 10-3-10 And Planted It the very Next Day. Time Will Tell If I'm Completely Satisfied. The Odds Are I Will Be.

  • 5
    Red Maple Seedlings

    Posted by Kristine Conway on Oct 27, 2022

    I ordered 3 red maple seedlings which arrived dormant and in what appears to be excellent shape. I was pleased to note that a 4th tiny baby was included, perhaps by accident, but I happily planted it as well! Prior to planting, I soaked the roots and amended the soil, giving them the best chance of survival I can. Thanks for a timely delivery of yet another great product!

  • 4
    Stock condition

    Posted by Mike on Apr 22, 2022

    I planted the stock in a pot it had a little dead stems but looks like it will make it will know in a couple more weeks

  • 5
    red maple trees

    Posted by John Nippolt on Feb 26, 2022

    Prompt delivery, all trees in good shape

  • 4

    Posted by Simone Ward on Jan 23, 2022

    This gives a lively color in my farm. I had this over the years from TN nursery. And lately I did a bulk purchase. Excited to plant new ones.

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